Social Media Sucks Sometimes


Carefree Heather has gone AWOL, and so has her ability to write light heartedly. Her mind is focused on a much more important concern in life she cannot blog about.

But she can RANT about a BLOCKING spree.

  • Google+

There it was in my inbox again today “Pratt Face has shared his photo with you” Privately.

Do I need some shithead trying to share porn with me?


  • Facebook

One of my “friends” who I don´t even know keeps adding me to various groups I have no interest in.

Do I need some shithead dictating where my online presence resides on Farcebook? Even when I´ve locked my profile down to the point of non existence?


I thought this rant might be therapeutic for me.

I thought cleaning the house would be.

I thought,, I am thinking, sometimes real life sucks.

8 thoughts on “Social Media Sucks Sometimes

  1. At this point in time Gabe, I couldn’t give a shit about virtual life. One downside of being an expat in Spain is feeling useless when there’s a family crisis going on in a different country. First time anything like this has happened since we moved here. We’d get on a plane right now but their circumstances dictate we can’t do that. My heart is broken, but it ain’t about me.


  2. Thanks Susan, can´t go into detail on here. Feel a bit better today, but it´s not about me. Wish we could just jump on a plane, but the situation has to settle first.


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