True acceptance is black and white, there is no grey area to run and hide in.

  • Accept good news.
  • Accept bad news.

One is easy, the other isn’t.

For the past couple of days I’ve hidden inside a bottle of wine. Today I threw it away. I was trying to find that grey area of comfort, but there isn’t one. Some significance, I don’t like wine.

With a clear mind now, I can see the grey area is a selfish place to seek. It has nothing to do with acceptance of any kind. Being wrapped in a comfortable haze of self pity is not for me.

I’ve known people who create their own little grey area, take ownership of it, and slowly destroy themselves with bitterness. They never realised it would eventually take over their life.  

Get up and deal with it, put those I care for first, that is what I must do, and will.

I am strong, wallowing in defeat is not an option.

Even the sun can create it’s own version of grey sometimes.

2016-09-18 17.37.20

The next day is a new day, and it boldly shines forth with radiant colour.

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