Time To Get The Bucket And Spade Out

Ahh, you thought I was going down to the beach to build sandcastles?

No need, the beach came to us. This is what a few spots of sandy rain can occasionally do in the depths of night while you´re off your guard.

Tradesman’s entrance,, couldn´t be bothered taking photos of everywhere else.  



Spot the difference,, the clean tiles at the forefront are under the arches outside the house.


The car. Still looks shiny?





Before I got chance to pack a cool box, luxury deck chairs, sun tan lotion, sun glasses, sun hat, designer flip flops, sun brolly, beach towel, cocktail shaker, E reader, and sit out in the garden. Dave got down to the business of cleaning up.

I mean he could have waited a while, filling up a bucket of water and sprinkling dyed blue salt in it was next on the agenda.

Oh the irony,

  • I was sat outside anyway.
  • I can see the Med from my chair.

Later on,, after the garden hose spoiled all the fun.




It´s a good idea to park your car up outside someone else´s house while hosing it down.



  • Tradesman´s entrance, done.
  • Front terrace, done.
  • Driveway, done.
  • Car, done.
  • Bedroom terrace, pending.
  • Roof terrace, pending.

Ah well, never mind, the big warm up is already starting.

19 degrees C in the shade, add on another 10 degrees in the sun. Yes, really.

Most probably no more drops of sandy rain, or any rain till November.

2013 broke all records for hottest summer.

2014 broke the 2013 record.

2015 broke the 2014 record.

2016 broke the 2015 record.

And so on and so forth.

It was announced by the Spanish met office last year that Summer officially lasts NINE months now. The big warm up starts earlier and the cool down starts later.

Hey ho, off we go. Bring it on.

Right that´s it, I´m going up to the conservatory to do 7k on my exercise bike while surrounded by views of the Med.. 

9 thoughts on “Time To Get The Bucket And Spade Out

    1. Thanks Mike, and yeh the Merc is almost a classic car. Not many kilometres on the clock, the previous owners (friends of ours) had it completely revamped too. Even re-sprayed, and wider tyres than the original put on. It´s only been used for local areas, and drives like a dream. Automatic convertible, it just glides along. On main roads it likes to glide along faster than the speed limit too!!
      Pause,, “bloody hell we´re doing over 100 kmph and the limit is 80” Oops.
      We only bought it because it´s a Merc that´s been looked after and customised at a Merc dealership. (Must´ve cost them a fortune)
      No problem, they sold it to us, then went out and bought a Porsche!!!


  1. Certainly an eye catcher when the roof’s down, people stop and stare inside while we share a giggle. If someone told me 5 years ago we´d be living in Spain and own a Mercedes Benz I´d have laughed my socks off 🙂


  2. Getting back to the drive, steps, and terrace, I only did them 8 days ago before we had new outdoor furniture delivered. Only took 4 hours, including washing down that nice car!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the Mediterranean Blue color of your Merc, Heather. I imagine if I had your view of the ocean, I would probably be there and frolicking in the waves. Honestly, I don’t think anything would be accomplished except for a tan.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Susan, I´ve already written a reply to you, but it must´ve got blown up somewhere in the blogosphere.

    It was basically about once having a conversation with a walking lobster who was visiting family. When I asked her if she´d seen all the blisters on her back? I told her she can get a nice even tan just by sitting in the shade (true).

    The reply was “Oh it´s ok, we´re going down to the beach later.”
    “I hope you´re going to sit under a sun brolly”
    “Oh no, got to show off my tan back home”

    I decided not to mention all the white holes there´d be in it!


    I have a little saying:: “Obey the rules of the sun and it will look after you, don´t do so at your peril.”

    Anyway, happy tanning! The right way! 🙂

    PS: The car and the paintwork, there´s a phenomenon occurs with that, at night when the sun goes down it reflects a faint pink glow on the horizon,, and so does the car! I don´t mean it turns pink (lol) it´s a trick of the eye. Lady Penelope would love it. 🙂


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