Luminous Yellow Sand

Ahh, just breathe in the fresh clean air of Southern Spain, wonderful…

Except a couple of days ago our area of the planet got in the way of a sandstorm from the Sahara desert. When we lived in England I remember a freak sandstorm that covered everything in a very light layer of sand. Believe it or not that was also from the Sahara.

Here, just a few drops of rain in the early evening from a weird black coloured sky left luminous yellow sand on the ground. I’ve never seen luminous sand before! It bears no resemblance to the beach sand flowing through my blog post last week.

And yes, the tiles outside look awful AGAIN, I can only hope this isn´t turning into a freak weather blog. As you´ve probably noticed dear reader, there´s a lot of baffling variations at the moment.

After consulting Mr Google, it’s a common event in Asian countries where the air is full of pollution. Not even real sand there, they call it “yellow dust” {full of man made crap, hence the need for facemasks}

Fortunately for us that is not the case. A freak storm over in Africa whipped up desert sand deeper than just the surface layer. Compacted by atmospheric pressure at first,, on it´s way across the Med the sun bleached sand that never usually sees the light of day.

Hence it took on a strange hue and fell back down to earth over us. It still fills every nook and cranny:

Gone “sticky”


Luckily most plants in the garden weren´t affected, but some were on the verge of dying. Even one of my sun hardy palm trees looked very sad because this is not normal sand.

So don´t laugh too much, I went round with baby wipes this afternoon and cleaned about a million leaves. Unfortunately I think perhaps it´s not enough.

Rubber plant AFTER treatment AND a hose down with water.


Nope, I´m not doing them all again! We can only wait and see if it´s good enough.

Made me wonder what damage it does to crops? Forget “Vino Tinto” or “Vino Blanco” maybe “Vino Goo Goo” will be on the menu this year. Gum sticking stuff, no need for knives and forks, a pair of plyers will do.

Vintage 2017 was a memorable year, wine turned into glue.”

On a brighter yellow note, Spanish daffodils weren´t on the casualty list.



Perhaps their colour makes them immune…

2 thoughts on “Luminous Yellow Sand

  1. Hi Susan, pretty little things aren´t they? So delicate too…

    About the sand, the phrase “you learn something new every day” comes to mind. If you do a Google search: “Sand from the Sahara in” It comes up with a list of different countries it´s dumped on. (Excuse).

    There´s also some photos in one of the results taken from the space station, the cloud of sand over Spain from February last year, so it must´ve missed the Costas that time!

    Curiously, there´s also some photos taken from way up in the mountains where it fell as a red colour in snow, hmm.

    Perhaps it should be called rainbow sand lol.


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