Has The Blogging Boom Gone Bust?

In the late 1990´s the first “Weblogs” began to appear.

Facebook and Twitter made their appearance much later, yet Blogging Boomed and continued to do so.

Social media VS blogs are two different entity´s:

Social media exists in the here and now, an instant update about sausage and mash for breakfast (with photo) and sharing posts. For me personally the best it has to offer is:

a) Uploading photos of good times with friends and sending them to each other´s walls. Meaningful.

b) Private messaging family and friends. Meaningful.    

A blog post is very different, it requires careful preparation, thought, relevance, and specific content. A theme and a genre are required that fit in with the style of writing. Effort and creativity are essential tools.

Quality stuff, just like this. {Stop laughing}


Nelly the Elephant´s got haemorrhoids, and I can´t draw.

Seriously though, in my many years of blogging I´ve discovered lots of high quality blogs that don´t get the hard earned recognition they deserve. I´ve also discovered some burnt out plonkers gain credit they really don´t deserve.

A greater number of blogs with hundreds, even thousands of followers are slowly failing, and there´s tell tale signs.

  • Re Blogging on a grand scale. The owner is short of time or worn out, so he / she shares other people´s posts on their own blog day after day. Hit “re blog” and it´s all quite legal, someone else´s content is sat on the failing blog with a backlink and a credit to the original writer. A compliment to them for sure, but the blogger who fills their own with a wide array of other people´s work is a con artist without artistry.
  • Even worse, “re blogging” their own content from their own archives, yes it happens.
  • Asking for money to be “donated” to their {dying} blog. Desperate. Yes I´ve seen that too,, stick PayPal up your ass.
  • Fill it with annoying adverts nobody ever clicks on, a fake attempt to appear worthy of recognition from successful business.
  • Over usage of stock image services. Mainly philosophical with a humorous twist, resembling a share on Facebook.

Last but not least there´s a real corker, the blog post that reads:

“I´m feeling sad today”

{Blank space beyond} gets 63 likes.

That really is sad isn´t it? What used to be an excellent blog with over a thousand followers now contains many posts that belong on Facebook, and still the unwitting sheep follow. Maybe some followers await with baited breath for a rebirth, or they´re just too thick to get what´s happening.

I can only put up with such abuse of blog space temporarily. Unsubscribe, I´m out the door, it happened today.

Sometimes a blogger ends the roll on a high, best way to go! That´s the route I´d take, it would be too embarrassing to continue with absolute dross.  

Before I go, here´s some white space I photographed earlier:


63,000 likes or a small donation please.

6 thoughts on “Has The Blogging Boom Gone Bust?

  1. I used to have a lot of blogs, several of them very popular, but it has all changed now, if you want a blog to work it has to be a blog .. singular.. the effort required to make it work is so much more than it used to be 10 years ago,

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    1. So true! I´m just going through my notification emails and noticed a blog post with just 14 words. It was taken from Facebook, (stating so took up 4 words) it got 46 likes………

      What the? How? I couldn´t get away with that.

      I really like your blog because it´s well written and so informative. The beauty of the Costa Blanca, the truth is revealed.

      Most Brits hear “Costa Blanca” and think everywhere is like Benidorm! A mere five square kilometres tarnishes it all.
      I´ve heard “Expats are all fat and get drunk every day.”
      In reality they are but a small minority, probably the same percentage as anywhere else in the world.

      I try to show the beauty around us from a personal and amusing perspective, a lifestyle I´m so lucky to have, and hope the Brits who read my witterings and see my photos “get it.”

      Apologies, I can even turn a comment into a blog post!


  2. Ha! I’m still elbow deep in the rookie phase of this blogging thing so I’m bright-eyed and optimistic.

    But I hear you on the reblogging one’s old posts, and posts that would make for a short tweet. Life’s too short for to waste my time with that crap.

    I hope you stay in the fight, I’m fairly new here and I’m still getting to know you.

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    1. Hi Gabe, for a “rookie” you´re doing a great job. High quality content and fantastic photos, keep on going! I follow your journey to wherever you may wander.

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  3. I reblog other people’s work all the time. I think I’ve even reblogged something of yours? But I also have a separate tab on my page which is of my own posts. I think if someone’s written something worth spreading, it’s a worthwhile thing to do. I also tweet blogs. In saying that, I’ve only ever had my own writing reblogged once – I guess it doesn’t warrant it (according to the people who read my work). I don’t quite understand the “donate” thing. I saw someone do it last year, but I truly think the person was povo. I don’t know what the etiquette is for donations, how much is too little? Why do people ask?

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  4. Hi Daria,
    I appreciate that you´ve reblogged my own work, and put links to other blogs too. I always check them out, and they´re interesting blogs worthy of recognition. It´s obvious you don´t use it for personal gain at all, in fact you bring to light people who work hard and sometimes go un-noticed. Which must be respected by many folks.

    Perhaps I should´ve emphasised “re-blogging the same persons mind numbing blog posts every day.” Like there´s a syndicate going on behind the scenes, manipulation regarding followers and Google search. As an ex SEO I can see how it works in a devious fashion.
    {If one of the “networked” blogs shows high in a search so will the others…}

    About donations, I saw another one in my inbox today, blatant down the RHS, “Donate to {blog name} today!!”

    The word desperation comes to mind. Personally I´d give up blogging first.


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