Just The Ticket



Worth €106.00, and it´s mine, all mine ours, all ours.

Yes, we actually won the JACKPOT at a quiz, so I can go out and buy another handbag to add to the other 215 I´ve got stashed in a wardrobe.

For some reason when Dave hears the word “handbag” he looks at the floor and shakes his head in despair. Can´t work that one out at all, I mean there´d be a few euros left for him to buy a man bag. Well,, probably.

Makes me wonder why men don´t regard a man bag as being an essential piece of equipment to cart around when stepping beyond the garden boundary. They even have quite a selection to choose from these days, perhaps size might be an issue. It always is with the male of the species.

Who knows, sometime in the future we may even be able to judge the size of a man´s bits by the size of his handbag man bag instead of his hands, without any bags involved. “So how many pockets has your´s got?”

Colour might also be an issue. Fifty Shades Of Black?

Baffled: How on earth did I find myself shuffling amidst the contents of a man´s baggage when this was supposed to be about our winning ticket? I must put a stop to this line of thought.

So let´s talk about buying shoes with the winnings instead.

Most confusing, is it the size of the hands or the feet when comparing notes?   

7 thoughts on “Just The Ticket

    1. Thanks Daria, I’ve thought of another option too. The winnings could be put towards the cost of something else, like for example, a diamond encrusted necklace from Swarovski Rocks.


    1. So true, and menfolk just don’t get the concept. I once remember buying a handbag so it could accommodate the rather large purse I’d bought. Cart before the horse, the purse wouldn’t fit in it. A real duh moment that was…….


  1. Thanks Susan! No it’s all changed since then, I’m now looking at the possibility of donating my half to Dave, so he can put it towards buying me something much more worthy from the diamond rock shop. Ha, as if…


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