Amazing Sunsets

Hidden photos.

I’ve been pondering about a reshuffle in my blog categories section, for good reason.

As you know, I love my sunset and sky photos, yet many are hidden amidst a storyline of the written word.

There´s another potential pitfall for just plain focusing on a time and space in one section, photos take second place.

I´m suddenly (without due notice) beginning to suspect my photos aren´t visible enough, they deserve more attention. The category “Spectacular Skies” contains but half of them.

Blogging for almost ten years now, I find myself confused about which is more important in a “mixed” blog post heading? Should the emphasis in a post title be on my photos rather than my dialogue?

I´ve always concentrated on the latter rather than the former. But it´s a poser all the same, is that the best way to flow? I´m supposed to know the answer.

The category’s “Four months renting in Spain” and “Our new life in Spain” are both good examples of Hidden Skies. All of them in blog posts stuffed away in the wrong filing cabinet. There´s two places to find them.

  • Inside my “Pandora´s Box of all blog posts” {with focus on timing}
  • Inside “Categories” {with focus on subject}

So here´s a small selection of many “Sky” photos, sat in what I now consider to be the wrong place:

2015-07-30 21.11.56

2015-10-09 19.16.58

2015-10-12 19.38.11

2015-10-12 19.39.23

2015-12-31 17.52.59

2015-12-31 17.57.16




Spectacular yes, but try finding these on the blog? Needle in a haystack.

PS: Sod my earlier ponderings, this IS posted in “Spectacular Skies.”

2 thoughts on “Amazing Sunsets

  1. Thanks Susan, there’s just so many beautiful sky and scenery photos on this blog hidden in the wrong categories, my own fault favouring a timeline. Perhaps I’ll re blog?! No! I´d change the categories first! Big job though, can´t expect folks to go rummaging through archives instead, that just doesn´t happen with any blog. There´s even a photo of a tornado out at sea somewhere on here, even I can´t find it !!


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