Bye Bye Blogging?

I wrote this post last week, for some reason I held back on publishing it. But I´m going to anyway, both the original, and my decision since then.

“Dear Faithful Reader,

It´s been 10 years since I started blogging in a highly professional lowly amateur style.

During the past few weeks, I´ve been wondering if it´s still worth the effort. Finding time to write has always been an issue, my hobby was enjoyable, so I MADE time..  But now it feels like a chore.

The ability to write has not faded, inspirational content has not disappeared, I´m surrounded by it. Taking photos, both silly, serious, and quirky, will never stop. Capturing spectacular views, (my personal specialty) will continue, it´s in my soul.

I was told it would be a good idea to showcase some of my photos, those completely hidden amidst the archives and categories of my blog.

I spent the past few days of spare time creating showcases, (tabs up top) I realised some of them had also remained “hidden” on my hard drive. Too many for individual blog posts. Why did I not think of “showcasing” them in the past?

The blogging dilemma has presented me with two questions, no, three:

  • Am I blogging for other people? Yes.
  • Am I blogging because I want to? No, not at the moment.
  • I have experienced the odd “blogger´s wobble” before, but never to such a great extent. Do other bloggers go through a phase like this temporarily and bounce back, or is it permanent?

After slagging Farcebook Facebook several times. Uh Oh, I´m using Facebook more, simply because real life friends (also on Facebook) are all around me.

  • Post where you´re at and who you´re with, we can all meet up whatever time or day of the week. {I suppose that´s an expat thing}
  • Family are distant in miles, nevertheless all around me.

I´ve enjoyed writing, hopefully as much as you´ve enjoyed reading, but I´m worn out with it now.

Many times I´ve cried laughing while the humour flowed! Or gaped in awe at my own photos! Hope you have too.

It´s taken me a while to finally make this decision, the thought of it was not taken lightly, but I have to put myself first.”


Since I wrote the above, I´m left wondering if other bloggers have experienced the same thing, part of it, or all of it? If so comments would be appreciated.

Conclusion: After using Farcebook Facebook ONLY for several days, yesterday´s rare “rant” on here felt like an exception that was necessary. It made me realise:

Facebook is in the here and now.

Blogging is 90% after the fact, or inspired by something else, also after the fact.

Which do you prefer? 

Answer: I´ve discovered I want both without repeat content. {WordPress kindly sends a link to Farcebook automatically} there it sits amidst what I´ve already posted,, amidst what I´ve already posted,, amidst what I´ve already posted. I switched the kindness off last week.

You can find me on Facebook here. Send me a friend request if ya like.

Must be an expat thing, I have many real life friends on there, and we all live within walking distance of each other. Sometimes message where we are (or where we´re going) and meet up together all on spec, nothing arranged. Although there are some exceptions, three of us girls are going horse riding next week at 3pm…!  

So I´ve come to a compromise,, less “waffle” on here, more photos, and they can share themselves to my Facebook profile.

Have cake and eat it?

If I´ve invented a new way of merging Blogging / Facebooking then so be it, fame and fortune awaits.

With emphasis on when I´ve got time online, next on the list is email mum and dad, I must not forget to attach a photo of some flowers in the garden for Mother´s Day. Been told in the past it´s as meaningful as the real thing when we live in different countries.

Also when I´ve got time online I´ll stitch together two new photo showcases of La Zenia Playa, and La Zenia Boulevard. Difficult, because it means sifting through hundreds of photos over several years.

So there ya go, there will be change on here. I won´t be blogging as often which means I won´t be boring you to death anymore. Perhaps once or twice a week just to be cheeky.

They say compromise is the answer to many things, transformation being one of them.

I can´t let blog time merge into friends time anymore, it ain´t gonna happen.

17 thoughts on “Bye Bye Blogging?

  1. I think we all have these moments but to each their own. personally I like seeing pics of where you live. We all view ourselves as having “ordinary and boring lives” when in fact we’re each unique and different when others are looking at us. I hope you stick around. I enjoy seeing the world thru your eyes and thru other people’s eyes.

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  2. Thanks Jim, such lovely words, and it means a lot with ref to the effort of blogging and sharing, I really wonder if this is a waste of time for me now? I don´t even know if my “stupid / clever” idea will work. Oh dear, that´s me talking glass half empty, the absolute opposite of my real life philosophy as you know! Further need for me to walk away from this.


  3. I’ve only been at Blogging a year and a bit, but I’ve struggled often. I post weekly (so what’s my excuse?) but even then I find it difficult to come up with a topic that interests me. Many bloggers can write on anything that pops into their heads, I can’t. At times it seems each weeks gets progressively more challenging to complete a post. At least once every couple of months since I started, I’ve contemplated taking a long hiatus, so far it hasn’t happened. As for FB, 98% of my use is personal, I find the medium not particularly useful for promoting my Blog, but then again, my contacts are not huge.
    Anyhow, stay positive, you have fans out there. Cheers!

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      1. Although I’ve not been at it all that long, I can attest to the frustration and ‘questioning’ that comes with the process. I thought after the initial year things would get easier, more routine, but it hasn’t happened yet, I no longer think it ever will. One post at a time is my current mantra. Cheers, and as they say in Canada, ‘keep your stick on the ice’!

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      2. I will, with this being a lifestyle blog, sometimes my happy life in Spain has too much content to write about!
        So I’m pondering about picking the best times and packing content into one post per week with photos.
        I don´t think blogging ever becomes routine, random inspiration presents itself at any time, but have I got the time? Just enjoy the moment without the need to write about it?
        I can only liken it to kids who live their life with smartphone stuck to hand. Time spent living in the moment means instant upload of photos to Facebook with commentary. I wonder if it means more to them than the actual moment itself, perhaps bordering on addiction?!
        It´s quick and easy to share, but blogging takes time and thought.
        Even after 10 years total (in June) I would not profess to be capable of giving advice with ref to content. It´s all about whether the blogger feels it´s worthy.
        Something else that´s niggled me recently is the upsurge of blogs I´ve branded “one liners.” Think I mentioned this somewhere,
        Post heading: “I´m feeling sad today” Post content: “I´m feeling sad today” End. It got 63 likes. The owner of said blog later announced he needed cash contributions to continue his moronic blog with thousands of followers, and added a link to PayPal.. Truly gobsmacked I stopped following.
        Not blowing my own trumpet, in comparison to that, the effort I put in to entertain, the photos I take, the hard work, the time taken, just don´t seem to get the audience they deserve. Sorry if that sounds selfish, but it is a contributing factor. Resentment? No. Frustration? Yes.
        Good grief I´ve made a blog post here!

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      3. Again I completely relate. While I’m happy with the progress my Blog has made since I began, I shake my head sometimes when I see the astronomical hit rates some others receive on a daily basis. I often think I must be doing this wrong. Although I have ‘technically’ over 500 WordPress followers, I’m lucky if any one post gets 100 hits within a week. And that’s with me making a concerted effort ‘like’ posts from most of my followers. I’d hate to think what my hit/like rate would be if I didn’t interact at all. First few months I was checking my ‘stats’ daily, until it got so depressing I stopped altogether. I now check in once every few weeks or so. Then in WordPress Reader I’ll see posts with 100+ likes within hours of their release, and I start ruminating. I have seen posts that include a simple’ quote’, blast my stats out of the water. I’m sure part of it has to do with posting only weekly, but regardless, it can be frustrating. I just try to focus on quality material, and keeping the torch burning. Good luck, and I’ve enjoyed this discussion!

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  4. I used to be a boater, not a liveaboard one, but life decided that I could not continue this. I have read your blog for such a long time and you write so well, I will definitely miss the morning read. However, I understand how it can become a chore, like so many other things in life.

    One thing life has taught me is that you have to do what is right for you and no one else. For those of us who are on the “hamster wheel” and unable to get off I hope you carry on but totally understand if not.

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    1. Hi Alison, wow, I’m truly flattered to have such a long term reader, thank you so much! Just sent you a friend request on FB, I’m guessing you’re the right person through mutual boating friends I still have, and you too! Anyway I’ve added a link to my Facebook page in this post if I´ve guessed wrong.
      I’ve deliberately separated my blog from FB, and decided with advice from friends (above) to do a weekly post. Like a brief round up of that week, or just the best bits with photos. Thanks again for reading.
      Totally agree about “doing what´s right for you” it might sound a bit selfish but it´s true.


  5. It was a guessing game, I didn’t know your last name, only later discovered it’s not in your profile and I wouldn’t ask on here, it’s not a courteous thing to do! So I sent a request to who I “thought” it might be, still have some boaters in my friends list so I guessed. Turns out the other Alison understood, and we had a laugh about the mix up! Anyway, welcome to my whacky world on there!! 🙂


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