The Long And Short Of It

After much none deliberation I’ve got another letter for you.

Dear Reader,

At some point during the past five days a seed was planted, it went ignored at first. With no regrets, my mind was elsewhere. I was done with blogging and the relief was HUGE.

I´d got to the stage where I was blogging for other people, not myself. Time spent blogging was spilling over into real life, I prefer real life, it´s too interesting to miss.

I also discovered that even though a hobby is a good thing, sometimes it can take over, or try to.

Beyond that I was surprised to find how many people, real friends, family living in other country´s, and online friends said the same thing:

“Do what you feel is right for you.”

People put true concern first,, above “I´ll miss your blog.”

I took heart from that.

Since then I´ve come to a compromise, less dialogue, more emphasis on photos, and post less often, say a weekly round up. That I can do. Oh, and editing because a comma is AWOL won´t happen. 

Reboot the blog, call it the revised version.  IT will fit around ME.

Thanks for listening, I´ll see ya soon xx


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