Cotton Wool Ball Clouds

Gathered in the sky last night:







8 thoughts on “Cotton Wool Ball Clouds

  1. Beautiful pictures. It’s interesting that you call them “cotton wool balls.” When I was a boy in Tennessee, my mother called them “buttermilk clouds” because they resembled the way buttermilk stuck on the glass after drinking.

    I think your cotton wool balls is even a better description! Thank you for stirring up memories and a lovely post. 🙂

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  2. Lovely pictures! Currently as I look out of the office window, we have a cloudless sky. I am a big fan of lightning trees (you know those dead looking trees, all branches and no twigs or leaves!)

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  3. We went past a field full of them the other day, perfect straight lines, like it was an ex orange grove and I’ve never seen anything like it! We’ve heard that occasionally if a farmer wants to change a crop, they leave the old one to nourish the soil for a while. It would’ve looked really creepy if they were random!


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