Horse Riding In San Miguel

Yesterday I went horse riding with two friends of mine. It´s been thirty years since I sat on a horse and was reminded of that fact whilst clambering on top of “Rapido.” In one rapid instant all sense of decorum disappeared.

Attempt number two failed good style because after attempt number one failed, uncontrollable laughter set in.

Attempt number three was a success. Jesus saved me, no not that Jesus, spoken “Esuus” he was the expert horse rider who guided us round.

Oh what a glorious peaceful setting!! It felt surreal, there we were in the middle of nowhere, trekking through fields full of flowers surrounded by kilometres of orange groves, lemon groves, and almond trees. Perfect lines of them as far as the eye could see. Looking down the track the glory of the pink salt lake at Torrevieja reflected the sun. Beyond that,, the majesty of the mountains. All of it just round the corner from where we live.

Photos courtesy of Jesus Garcia:

Horses 8

Horses 7

Horses 4[6]

Horses 3

Horses 6

Such stunning dramatic scenery! This wasn´t just about riding a horse, soaking up such a mixed array of breath taking views was truly exhilarating, and the hot sun shone down from a deep blue sky.

Never have us three girls been so quiet for so long together!

Unless you´ve “been there done that” imagination cannot imagine…

7 thoughts on “Horse Riding In San Miguel

    1. Well, I have to admit to a shared sentence or two amidst us. However it was difficult to distinguish between that and us talking to the horses.
      “Aww, you’re just so lovely aren’t you?”
      “Am I? Oh thanks!” LOL


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