So How Big Are Your Peppers?

A friend who lives in Britain asked me if it´s true that fruit and veg are on the LARGE size in Spain?

Answer: Yes, two, even three times as BIG and totally FRESH.

I got some very strange glances while trying to take some photos in Aldi, so I decided to pick on peppers as an example. I may even turn this into a series, photographing different kinds of outsize fruit and veg each time we go..

I don’t carry a tape measure round with me, so Spanish Peppers to scale of hand.








Try fitting one of THEM in your pocket without setting yourself on fire. OUCH!

5 thoughts on “So How Big Are Your Peppers?

  1. Yeh, I love the Med diet. If I stood in a British supermarket fruit and veg aisle now, all I would see is preservatives and E numbers!!
    There are so many different things here considered as “the norm” yet would be a luxury in the UK. If I had to list them I’d be here all day lol


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