Easter Thursday At Playa De Mil Palmeras

Yes, Easter Thursday!

Good Friday (today) is a red day, no organised beach party´s allowed. So get round that by inventing Easter Thursday eh? Well Yeh.

Another girly day out,, so watch out!!!




We arrived on the beach at 2pm to “catch some rays” before the party started at 4pm. A lovely little beach bar / restaurant hosted THREE HUNDRED people. Tables had to be booked in advance, and Ritchie was doing the entertainment. Oh wow, a disco in the sand with a boardwalk dance floor.

  • Dancing on the beach in real life.
  • Surrounded by the Med, warm as a bath already.
  • A cool 33 degrees in the sun.
  • Stunning scenery as usual.


Look at the different colours in the sea.



Chicken salad for me.


“Richie” the DJ.


Bopping the day away.


Jet ski in the distance.


Dipping my toe in, mmm, free foot massage.


Feet planted firmly in the sand.


The sun casting long shadows as it begins to go down.


Just 4 kilometres from home. Hey, we can do this anytime without 300 people at a special event, and we do… Smug? No, this is our life…

As the sun set behind us, we met up with our menfolk and went to the local bar…

Today we´re all going for a meal, then to watch an Easter parade. Roads are closed off all over the place for different parades. Everyone ends up on a beach somewhere and Spanish style partying goes on into the early hours!

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