The Glass Is Tinted Almost Black

There is no thing such as CLEAR glass here for obvious good reason.

Sun problem solved with the likes of tinted windows and patio doors scattered about all over the place. Putting shutters down is a drastic option,, but not really necessary when we live outside wearing high protection sunglasses.

Ironic as it may sound, the shutters only go down IF it ever rains — because it saves cleaning windows. Savvy.

However, a rooftop conservatory / solarium with ten windows and doors is a poser. Curtains or blinds? The dark tinted glass up there has no effect on glare whatsoever, and the tiles on the roof terrace outside can get hot enough to melt feet. {Or cook a turkey with trimmings}

So this is what we decided on, forget the sheer heat, nothing can be done about that!








Smart Blinds,, especially designed to kill the glare without any wear and tear. What a great job, took the guy THREE HOURS to fit them all.

Next on the list we´re having the kitchen ripped out and a new one fitted.

No such thing as “To Do” lists, aside from cosmetic, there´s nothing  wrong with the one we´ve got. So it could be sometime next year when we finally get round to it…

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