See Your Memories On Facebook

I´ve recently discovered Facebook´s “See your memories on this day” option.

A post from your own wall, {same date, random year} is offered up, and the “memory” appears in your private newsfeed. Then it´s up to you whether to “share” or not. Good times with family and friends are my favourites.

A fine example of a not so favourite was the photo it offered me from 6 years ago. An angry looking cow stood in a field giving me the evil eye as we sailed past on our boat. Not sharing that wasn´t so much about the cow, it´s facial expression was hilarious. But I also recalled it was peeing down and howling a gale at the time. Made me shiver to look at.

The idea of “See Your Memories On Facebook” was inspiration for a new concept of mine.

“Share Your Memories On A Blog Post.”

Like it? Try it.

Back through the archives of this blog we go. On this day April 28th. {Get out clause,, any year with no blog post on this specific date will be the nearest one}

Year 2012: I must have been extremely bored, messing with a computer while watching a coot cleaning it´s boots. {Category: Wildlife}


Year 2013: The seed of a new life in Spain was already firmly planted. Research and slow process ongoing. {Category: Treading Water} 


Year 2014: This was the YEAR that was. While renting in Spain for four months in winter, we viewed over 30 houses before finding THE ONE. Bought and paid for we then had to return to the UK tying up loose ends. Oh how I cried when the plane took off.

Even worse, our floating “home” developed a nasty rebellious streak. One after another, high end, highly expensive tech equipment failed. Our move was delayed and further delayed, we had to spend thousands more on that boat. Engineers and electricians {who practically lived aboard with us} were baffled. Even the back cabin blew apart in the wind, the whole thing had to be replaced and it took weeks.

Then there was the buyer who pulled out after six weeks of lying about their investments. Cheeky sods even asked us to take the boat off the market, we did, during which time several other potential buyers showed considerable interest. “There´s already been a deposit paid” became a robotic phrase.

In October a reliable buyer put down a deposit and Bingo, we left the boat with the Broker to do the handover, and got out of there quick smart. BEFORE THE DAM THING BLEW UP OR IT SUNK. Can you imagine? Everything in storage and there we were, in the early hours of Nov 3rd 2014 literally creeping round the boat to pack suitcases.

“Don´t touch that it might fall to bits.”

“Don´t wash your hands, a pipe will burst.”

“Careful how you step outside the door might fall off.”

Yes, all 365 days of 2014 represented the highest highs, and the lowest lows. {Category: Get Me Out Of Here} Eventually we made it…..

Year 2015: Our first {keep it brief} visit back to the UK. This kind of surreal yet farcical welcome could only happen to us. {Category: Loose Ends}

her majesty

Year 2016: The first time I´ve ever washed pure silk curtains. My hands shook as I bunged them in the washer. {Category: Spain}


Last but not least, remember the mad cow I mentioned earlier? Well she´s worth an airing on here if nowhere else… 

Sollom Fav Spot (384)

28th April 2017: DONE.

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