The Wonderer And The Wanderer

The Wonderer stands still and asks questions. The Wanderer moves on and has the answers.

The traditional meaning of a wanderer is that of someone who, for whatever reason travels aimlessly. Not always true.

Before we moved to our place in the sun, a friend of mine in the UK asked what we were wandering, even running, away from?

I answered her with the truth. We were not running away from anything, we were walking towards a better quality of life.

Only then did she understand her question came from assumption.

Every time I wear this, I think of her. It reminds me how we were bold enough to take a leap of faith and make it wonderful.


I also wonder and hope that unhappy as she is on the treadmill of her life, at some point she can turn it around. The means to take the leap, to be happy elsewhere are all possible, money is no object. But:

  • Being unable to see outside the box.
  • Being unable to step outside the lines.

Put one or both together, the end result is the same. No wondering. No wandering.

4 thoughts on “The Wonderer And The Wanderer

  1. I LOVE this, Heather. It is so apropos to my life right now. I want to be wandering and I am wondering when I will be able to wander again. I know you understand that. Like you, I have moved many times over the past 20 years. It is part of the never ending process of betterment.

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  2. Yes I totally understand and betterment creates happiness.

    After the kids were all grown up and flown the nest, we noticed for the first time that friends and family stayed put, stuck in the same place when they were free to move on. Never happy, they remain in a state of stagnation.

    Dave’s mum and dad moved on, later on in life they found a lovely villa in the countryside and went for it. We both thought “Good for them, only here once” whatever age! The rest of Dave’s family disapproved,, yet his mum and dad were happier there than ever before. Younger than their years. The family eventually came round but still never got the principle of grasping freedom.

    When we moved from our house to the boat we lived on for 7 years we got the same reaction, amazingly our own children who all live and worked miles away (one in Germany) totally understood!!

    Same reaction again when we moved from boat to house in Spain. I realised it was their problem not ours. Every sentence begin with “Well WE think..” or “Well WE don’t understand why..” Yet again our “kids” (youngest 26) all totally got it…

    There´s those who search, create and embrace a new lifestyle, and those who sit and watch with resentment.

    There´s those who have a dream that remains unfulfilled, and those who make the dream a reality.

    Philosophical but true!!!


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