Silent But Deadly

We were shuffling plants around the other day, some like hot sun,, some don´t. “The big warm up” as we call it began a while ago. It stuttered a couple of times in April, but now we´re definitely on the steep upward curve, it sets in fast right to the top.

Meet Celia, silent but deadly, beautiful to look at, definitely not the hugging type. Try putting sunscreen on that and the emergency room beckons.


I learned the hard way, (nothing new). Caught off guard while messing with the plant next door, I stood up and one of the tips gently poked my leg.

A few hours later the pain felt like a knife was stuck in it, the surrounding skin turned dark red.

Several days later the inflammation disappeared.

Several months later the scar finally disappeared…

Something else potentially “silent but deadly” is the sun itself.

2016-03-10 17.48.36 

As previously stated, the big warm up is here. Being acclimatised means our skin is much more tolerant than ever before. Even so, it´s time to slap protective sunscreen on.  

{29 degrees C in the shade today = 37 C in the sun} With a steady 28 C in the shade all last week, there´s no turning back now. Dave was out mopping the roof terrace earlier and the water was turning to steam on the tiles!

Other requirements:

  • Lots of water, a litre per day.
  • Sun cap / hat.
  • UVA / UVB sunglasses,, required all year anyway.

Hassle? Well it´s easier than having to put layers of clothing on…

Follow the rules of the sun, and the sun will look after you. Don´t do so at your peril.

4 thoughts on “Silent But Deadly

  1. Never thought of it that way, with ref to our shared notion about various social media platforms, perhaps I could create a philosophical quote and stick it on Instagwam???

    “Oh pweeze put a like on it Susan, I´ll be you bwest fwend fowever.”

    PS: What is Instagwam?


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