Belated Blogging

Oh my goodness has it really been seven days since my last blog post? This dizzy blonde doesn´t know what day it is anyway. To be fair on myself, neither does anyone else. 

“So what day is it?”

“Dunno, it was Thursday last I knew.”

{Never ask for the date, it´s not worth the effort} Only the likes of laptops and thick phones can answer that.

So here´s a little jigsaw montage of what we´ve been up to. Partying down at the otherwise deserted beach with friends, and another birthday party. Somehow these events always correspond with the correct day, must be magic. Definitely magical.

Tip: Three of the best songs for boogying on the “sand floor” amidst the glory of the Med.

Summer Breeze.


 Can´t stop the feeling!


This Girl.

Well, THIS GIRL can´t stop the feeling of summer breeze whipping through her hair while dancing. I can highly recommend the experience. First time, second time, anytime, it´s surreal…

Woo Hoo!!!

2 thoughts on “Belated Blogging

  1. It truly is! All the beaches on the Costa Blanca are Blue Flag with very high standards. Well looked after too, (no dogs allowed) and they get raked every night even though no-one leaves any rubbish on them. An interesting fact is that seagulls don´t exist here because there’s no sh*t for them to forage on…! They were a pest even inland in the UK.


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