If Ownership Of A Bucket List Is Paramount To Life Itself

Warning, don´t read this.

I´ve bumped into a fair few “Bucket Lists” online, but what tipped the balance for written word on here, is the spoken word.

A few days ago I was ear-wigging overheard a “shared” conversation about two bucket lists. A couple of rather overweight girls were discussing and contradicting each other´s extremely acrobatic intentions to the point of an argument developing. I found myself on standby to gracefully jump into shark infested waters, and talk about how I achieved tying up shoe laces as a child.

What we achieve when growing up could be likened to a Bucket List. Only difference being the process is devoid of choice, not always successful, yet absolutely necessary in the grand scheme of life.


I´m proud of my non essential failures,, call it a Mop List:

  • Not learning how to be able to knit.
  • Not learning how to cook a lot of things.
  • Not learning history. Too busy amidst my group of comrades at the back of the classroom having a dam good laugh about what Henry the 8th got up to.
  • Not learning how to play hockey, much too painful on the shins so I played hooky. Got black cards regularly from Miss Wooley the torture tyrant, who later got married and changed her name to something far more befitting.
  • Not learning how to prevent “Could do better” being written on my report card, and the consequent visit to the headmistress who resembled Margaret Thatcher on a good day.
  • Not learning how to be a nurse at college, it was the gangrene leg I was supposed to clean while on day release that released me from such a career.

And so on and so forth. My enviable mop list could even exceed 50.

A Bucket List is about as useful as a New Years Resolution list / aim  / goal. Nothing but a dream never to be conquered, so what´s the point? Wishful thinking, get real. No-one needs a list of 50 things to do before the grim reaper makes an appearance, just get on and do it. If not possible in the here and now, by the time 50 years of survival arrives it will be long forgotten.

The Bucket List replaced by a Fuckit List that went unnoticed.

I´ve been lucky enough to have experienced most of the things on an average Bucket List in real life, but none of it was planned years in advance. Any notion of what´s in mind (or totally out of it) has no relevance.

Perhaps never having owned a Bucket List of my own means adventure within the moment happens without a futile plan…

PS: I’ve reconnected my blog to Farcebook because friends and family used to read it from there. After recent requests from thousands three people, your wish is my command. Besides I don’t blog as often, so my profile isn’t going to be stuffed with very official looking links from WordPress. I don’t do official, left my official office behind years ago, why can’t they use colours and silly fonts?

I´ll put it on my non existent Bucket List.

3 thoughts on “If Ownership Of A Bucket List Is Paramount To Life Itself

  1. A bucket means nothing, a list means nothing. Making the most of life in the moment, the here and now means everything.

    From experience I can highly recommend the likes of swimming with dolphins in Miami, paragliding over the Med, doing the longest roller coaster ride in the world at Busch Gardens in Florida, and much more! I achieved 50 such things before the age of 50 with no bucket and no list.

    I worked hard, survived four years of severe illness and realised life´s too short to sit and wonder. I´ll always take on a challenge, don´t care what age! Not alone, this philosophy spread to family and friends who gave support in my darkest time. They caught freedom too, just like me.


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