That Time Of The Month Again

There is no doubt that washing is always a chore. However Spanish weather mixed with smart thinking makes life even easier than it already is.

Note: This photo does not represent a months worth of clothing, there´s still two more wash loads to do. Not to worry, there´s madness in method, and it works.


1) Going out clothes are different from staying in clothes.

2) The statement above means that clothes are worn on a rotational basis. Several items can be mixed and matched during any given week. What was worn for a but few hours, can be recycled for but a few hours sometime else, then bunged in the wash basket. It always results in a pile of clothes about three foot high on the go, but well worth the effort.

3) After being washed simply hang everything straight and the sun does all the ironing. It also dries everything in two hours. Clothes can even be worthy of use during that time, a warm (or still cool) wet T shirt is welcome.

4) Most important: Make sure there´s always a good supply of smalls to last a month…

5) Throw any freshly washed undergarments in the drier because it´s too much hassle pegging out 30+ pairs of knickers and underpants.

Swished and Sorted.

6 thoughts on “That Time Of The Month Again

    1. Regulation would require monitoring the situation, can’t be bothered with that! All tucked up neatly in a hidden laundry basket (in a cupboard) there it remains. Out of sight, out of mind — till I almost run out of 30+ pairs of knickers…

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  1. Took me a while to master such a truly talented skill, wrenching myself away from the traditional once or even twice a weekly wash didn’t sink in at first. Oh dear it’s puny pun time again lol.


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