Ten Years Of Blogging, So What?

This month represents my tenth anniversary, countless words and photos all squashed into my own little area of the Blogosphere. Well to be honest there´s two little areas.

My first blog was born in 2007, content washed up by our alternative lifestyle aboard a Dutch Barge. (Really). Life afloat was fun, but the boat was a money pit, it thought a day out on the canal was well worth another dive into our bank account.

This year celebrates our 30th wedding anniversary and my dad´s 80th Birthday. If I´ve left anyone or anything out let me know.

On various occasions several persons have offered the novel idea that I should write a book, but in no particular order:

a) I´m not that clever.

b) I couldn´t be bothered.

c) I haven´t got time to make time, constant laughter is hard work.

Normal people celebrate a blog anniversary on it´s own, a blog post full of pride, joy, and multiple gifts gifs. Google tells me a tenth anniversary is made of tin, so a photo of an empty bucket might be appropriate. Unfortunately the only one we have is made of plastic, so that´s probably much more appropriate.   

In the real world people and events are a hundred million times more important, therefore in the grand scheme of life my 10th blog anniversary is miniscule.

The best I can offer is a “Copy and Paste” of Day One. Previous life. Bit long winded. Bit boring. Too much use of the word AND. Too many dots. Fat paragraphs. Mix of present tense and past tense. Could do better. Sounds like my school report. {Nice photo, reminds me of Miami} 

My First Blog Post Ever!

I decided to start this blog about our future simply because it’s going to be a different way of life away from the rat race. Something AWESOME happened today that gave us our first step forward to realising our dream. First of all, an introduction…
How we got to where we’re at now: We’ve lived in the same place for 25 years, our kids who we’re very proud of had left home with careers to follow. So there we were, happy together but rattling round a big house with nothing left to offer us… Even with great memories from our past in that place, we needed to move on, besides you can take memories with you wherever you go… And we also had our precious dreams, so why not do something about it? What had we got to lose? We both realised it was time to get away from the suburbs and make the move to a more rural area, this was what we wanted to do…
None of this was practical till a few months ago when we made the decision to sell up and started discussing our options…

Buy a house in the country? Too expensive when you want a 360 view…

Buy a narrowboat? Too small…

Move to Florida – our second home…?

It turned out to be a Visa nightmare, with a waiting list of up to 2 years…


So till today we were just biding our time and concentrating on getting the house ready to sell, neither of us panicked about it – like we knew there was something out there for us, all we had to do was wait…

We’ve walked the canals for years yet after ruling out a narrowboat, today was different, we almost didn’t go for a walk because I wasn’t feeling very well, but we did. We almost didn’t stop for a brew at the marina cafe afterwards, but we did. We almost walked past our (unknown) dream without looking back, but something made Dave turn his head… He saw a boat on the end of the pier with a “FOR SALE” sign in the window. I carried on walking away (dream on), but something made me turn around and look. We both walked down towards it & noticed it was wider than the others, for all our travels down the towpath we hadn’t noticed WIDTH. We asked the owner if it was still for sale, “Yes and it’s only just over a year old” came the reply…

We got the guided tour of a boat called “Takey Tezey” and we were totally in awe of it. The magic of the lifestyle, the boat itself and the space on board captured our imagination, it was exactly what we’d been looking for even though we didn’t know it! We stayed there for a couple of hours just talking to the owners about their life afloat. It was intriguing and surreal…

During our drive back to the house we were like a couple of kids in a schoolyard chanting “WE CAN DO THIS, WE CAN DO THIS…!” All the way home… Then we had to remove the rose tinted glasses and discuss the reality of it all, this wasn’t something we were going to rush into and potentially regret later. It needed a lot of thinking about first…

Something I’ve learned: You’ve only got one life so make the most of every day… 

The bigger picture: Is this our destiny…?

Posted by Heather Flower.

Well it was our destiny at the time. Except we found a better one several years later that time will never change. Stuck fast,, here we live in paradise, 34 degrees C in the shade today, and the only thing to be heard is birdsong.

Sod any blog fuss, I´m going to save the champagne till precious family arrive here soon. First time in Spain for some!

Blog tin, Blog plastic, who cares? Not me.

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