Lifestyle Changes VS Blog Changes

After moving from Britain to live in Spain, a journey of self discovery occurs. It´s a natural phenomenon and happens without any effort or forethought involved. On a personal level a happy person will become even happier and carefree.

The word “reinventing” is often used to describe these early changes. But that word implies a conscious decision was made, when in reality it just happens.

I remember a few months into our new lifestyle, stress became alien to us, it quickly faded away to be replaced with joy. Simple things like waking up to blue sky, warm sun, and nothing but birdsong to be heard. The list goes on! Never to be taken for granted.

Having lived here for almost three years, we´ve discovered another phenomenon. Within a wonderful foundation, lifestyle still has to be maintained… This is where the word “reinvention” really applies, a conscious decision is made.

Life truly is what you make it, don´t let it slide.

It´s easy to reinvent yourself here, do what you want to do, be who you want to be, and no further details from me, that´s the key.

So what has this got to do with blogging?

Over the past few months I slowly came to realise that blogging can become addictive. Photos I took, places we went to, time spent with friends and family, frequently became inspiration for “This would make a good blog post.” Then I had to find time to create one, sometimes at the cost of doing something else.

I occasionally wonder if the kids of today realise that instantly posting photos on Facebook, videos, live streaming everywhere they go replaces living in the moment. Times change with evolution, it´s just normal social life now, no going back. Not knowing existence without a smart phone means real life experience comes second. Call me old fashioned I don´t care. Perhaps our own parents thought the same about TV, but we turned out alright, well I think we did.

Conclusion: I won´t entirely give up blogging, but reinvention in the blogosphere is necessary maintenance for me. The best it gets will be a quick upload of quality scenic and social photos, a brief description of where we are and what we´re doing, in retrospect. No regrets. I´ve seen the light, this isn´t real life and it doesn´t come close.


Happy days!

2 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes VS Blog Changes

  1. “do what you want to do, be who you want to be” – I couldn’t agree more! It is all about doing what is right for you (as I have said before!). For me I’m planning a move of my own to Africa 🙂

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