Somebody Forgot An F

The one on the end there looks a bit dodgy too. F for Falling and the other one Fell? Even more quirky is that this sign resides on the wall of a bar that does not require any Staff or Staf.

It could even be a right royal mix up and represent a completely different word altogether.


Mess with the letters and there´s three anagrams:




My quirky brain sort of zooms in on a miplesd wrods, and takes the pss. For example the three alternatives above could even make a sentence the likes of:

A fat guy drank his beer so fast, he thought his buddy called “Taffy” was an Irishman from Wales, and lived in STAFfordshire.

See what I mean? Give me a word, any word, even one that´s spelt right..

Continuing the theme, Spanish to English translation can easily become cause for confusion and stifled tittering…..

“Be careful on the bouncy castle daddy!”


But would the reception be capable of answering without Wi Fi?


Chicken served in a French brazier.

Menu gaff

Stitch together the unforced errors and the outcome is:

A child walks up to a reception desk, asks for the Wi Fi code and gets a free chest of drawers with a dead chicken inside.

To be fair we must be just as crap when translating English to Spanish. I´ve tried it, and the reply starts with “Did you mean…” That´s when much embarrassment is met with a cheesy grin.


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