Tickety Boo

I’m not familiar with winning ANYTHING.

The closest I ever came was winning prize 11 out of 10. Yes, the people stood behind the table adorned with baskets of fruit, naff perfume, suspicious bottles of alcohol, and a pot plant were as inebriated as everyone else at the party. No-one noticed the error and neither did I till I stood before the empty tablecloth and handed my winning ticket over.

10 – 11 = less than zero.

There´s been the odd bean to talk about since, but nothing like this:

A couple of nights ago my naff record with raffle tickets was truly smashed.

Jackpot when we arrived..


The winning ticket: (403)


Having your ticket pulled out is the easy bit. Negotiating “Play your cards right” just isn´t.

But this was MY TIME, blessed by the God of Raffles, the last card turned was HIGHER just like I´d said. Good grief I went into shock, turned out to be 512 smackaroonies altogether,, there had to be a mistake?? Reality set in when everyone stood up, gave a round of applause and shouted “Well done Heather!” {Hugs all round}     

Jackpot when we left:


It was Brucie´s game,, later made me wonder if I was the only person in the world who won “Play Your Cards Right” while he was fading away.. He would probably have laughed.

“Nice to see ya, to see ya nice!”

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