Good grief is that the time?

Well hello! Was it really last September since I did a blog post? Jeez, I must be a bit rusty by now. I never even said a proper “Goodbye” to my reader. The issue was, and still is, finding time.

For the past seven months I´ve been out and about on Facebook, all very simple and convenient with friends and family. But, there´s a BUT, over the past couple of weeks I´ve realised that most of the photos and albums I post on there are just as much hassle as posting them on here.

I won´t be leaving Facebook, can´t, I have a community on there that makes contacting each other so easy. Sometimes too easy, we plan arrangements with our friends here via private messenger, and we all live within a kilometre of each other… Tut Tut.

Anyway, the idea is to turn my blog into a photo blog, I just have to remember how! Short on dialogue, big on interest..


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