You’re Not Going To Like This

But it’s true. The total population of Spain is just 46 million people. Last year 82 MILLION holiday makers came here, and the place is struggling to cope. This same situation is also affecting southern France and Italy. The troubled world we live in is having a huge impact on countries classed as safe. Even in our little area, the population doubles in summer.

While holidaymakers in Benidorm beat each other up in bar fights, turn themselves into lobsters with skin that IS NOT familiar with hot sun, (hello sunstroke) get pissed 24 hours a day, and burden the hospitals with self imposed injuries. Police and other services have to deal with their stupid abusive behaviour. Nothing new there, but there is something new with reference to numbers of tourists going up everywhere.

I wonder how many of the masses were aware that during the height of summer last year, Benidorm was within a week of having no water, and supply had to be diverted.

In recent years, people seem to have noticed that Spain does not consist of Benidorm alone. {The place itself is just 5 square kilometres in size} Hoards of holidaymakers are discovering quieter destinations along hundreds of kilometres of beautiful coastline, filled with blue flag beaches.

This is one of the Playas about 3 kilometres from our house. There aren´t any apartments close by, but it still gets overcrowded now. This photo was taken in winter, I daren´t show you what it looks like in summer these days, to be honest it´s not worthy of a photo.


Unfortunately there´s a playa close by it, the only one with many restaurants and bars, apartments for rent, and swimming pools to desecrate. It´s like a (small) magnet for too many people.

Residents here stay away from that area in summer, out of bounds, too much risk of getting dragged into a brawl fight from the OOWAY OOWAY OOWAY OOWAY, BLAH BLAH, BLAH BLAH gang. Sadly the drunken yobs are always Brits, it´s embarrassing for us but they couldn’t´t give a shit,, they did that earlier in the blue flag sea. We call it the overcrowded, notorious, yet beautiful place “The Strip.” There´s even an ambulance parked up there on permanent standby, sad but true.. Thankfully we´re too far back for the crazy people to invade, even drivers of Spanish delivery services down there risk being attacked if they´re carting beer into bars.. 

Cruise ships are also a problem, there´s too many of them and historical infrastructure is being damaged by carelessness.

Well, I´ve got some good news for us residents, the authorities are now cracking down all over Spain, they have no choice. By next year, beach bars in this area will be removed, some have gone already. Me and my mates used to love going down to one of them, dancing by the sea (in quiet months). But that´s been shut down already.. Sunbeds and services on beaches are also being scrapped or limited.

Oh, and here´s the BIG one, people who rent out property to holidaymakers without a proper licence are being tracked down. To be more specific, those are holiday rentals booked online direct with the owner, therefore bypassing rules and regulations.

The old argument that the economy here is based on holidaymakers just doesn´t apply, yes its a bonus, but things have changed. Visitor numbers can be cut back to what they were years ago without any loss, why? Well…

After the ever increasing invasion, “The big clean up” bill which begins at the end of October is an ever growing cost. Any trace of vandalism has to be repaired, bars have to be refitted out, beaches have to be maintained, pools repaired where tiles have been picked off, and we residents foot the bill. There´s even talk of playas being closed on a rotational basis due to ecological damage out at sea.   

Palma in Majorca is leading the way. I´ve read the reaction from Brits about the tourist tax, and not feeling welcome, oh the arrogance and ignorance. To be honest, a mass invasion that causes havoc in areas that were never built to cater for so many people, you won´t feel welcome.. By “havoc” I´m not even referring to the yobs, it´s sheer numbers. This is a recent phenomenon, that neither the Spanish nor residents living here from any country wants. Who would???

Imagine moving to a quiet rural area, then having to put up with hundreds of thousands of people standing, screaming, getting pissed, and pulling the fences down in YOUR field for months on end… The field you have to pay council tax for…

We do realise that the majority of people come here and show respect, it´s just that there´s far too many now, too many to cope with. Harsh as it may seem, this is true.

To be fair we knew more people would choose Spain as a holiday destination rather than risk danger or climate change somewhere else. But we never thought it would be on such a massive scale of invasion…

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