Seems a bit strange to be blogging again

I´ve accumulated hundreds of photos since last April, not to brag or anything, but the total on my laptop is over 18,500!! So in an effort to catch up on here, I´ve decided to use the “month by month” method, if there is such a thing.

Till I can get my head round all that let´s talk about the weather… Today is gloomy in our corner of Spain, dirty black clouds keep floating about. No chance of rain though, that´s a rare thing indeed. Going back a few years when we saw clouds like this in the UK, we always knew a deluge was imminent. Too boring? OK.

Politics? Oh shut up.

The tissue that found it´s way into a wash load last week? Too messy to speak about.

My first mozzie bite this year happened yesterday. Ouch. Everyone remembers the “first one of the year” it´s like the brain announces to arms, legs, and everywhere in-between, “They´re here.”  I´m on standby with a lemon roll on stick, then I can put it in my handbag along with all the other crap I carry round in it.

I had my eyes tested last week, new prescription (distance) glasses, sunglasses, and oh dear I need reading glasses too now! Just knew the day was coming soon. No, I´m not going to tell you how much that all cost. But I will tell you there´s no chance of all them  fitting in my favorite handbag so I might need a trolley, well at least I´d be able to see it clearly.

Global warming? Well yes it´s obvious here, each year breaks the temperature record from,, the previous year. If we had eternal life we´d witness the place turning into a desert. But we haven´t so we won´t. Jeez I´m doing drastic long term weather climate change now. Keep calm and carry on.

Oh, and I must remember to post those birthday cards, they’ve been sat on the side too long.

See how boring I can be? Pure talent.

Anyway, here’s a photo of my Valentine rose, still looking pretty eleven days later.



So dear friends as the heading of this post declares “It feels a bit strange to be blogging again” this sure is a strange way to start!

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