It’s a time warp

I’ve just noticed that going back to last April isn’t enough, just three blog posts in that month, and previous to that it was September 2017! How time flies when you’re having fun.

I can’t believe it’s sixteen months since my mum and dad came to visit us in October 2017. Neither of them like flying so they came here by train, down through France, then the coastal route of southern Spain. They had a stop over in Barcelona so it took two days to get here, glorious views all the way but give me a plane ticket any day.

They fell in love with the lifestyle here, our beautiful, peaceful area, the relaxation and being able to go everywhere in the warm sun. My mum even swam in the salt water swimming pool by choice! We gave them the holiday of a lifetime,  so here´s a few of my favourite photos.



Ten days just wasn’t long enough, so we crammed in as much as possible for them which included:

  • A visit to Cartagena for the day, roaming round the port and the beautiful plazas, amidst the splendor of architectural buildings.
  • Days out to different playas that surround us, Campoamor, La Zenia, and Mil Palmeras.
  • Meals out every night at different restaurants with fantastic food and views.
  • On their first day here we took them to a spectacular Flamenco dancing festival with friends who can dance it, and did!
  • La Zenia shopping mall in all it´s outdoor glory, they loved the designer shops and did a bit of spending. (For me, whenever I go there for one thing,, I end up buying at least three more).
  • One day we dropped them off to explore and walk round what I call “the rugged side of Cabo Roig” where cliffsides merge into the sea. Then we met up with them later on.
  • We threw a big party for them with our friends at our house.
  • Oh and they enjoyed being chauffeured round in the back seat of a Mercedes convertible while enjoying the scenery!

Bittersweet, I think perhaps they won´t be fit enough to make the journey here again. But hey, they have some wonderful memories and hundreds of photos!  

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