Richie Alexander is back!

It´s almost two years ago since Richie the DJ went to the UK, and now he´s moved back to sunny Spain for good. On Friday two of our local bars opened up their outdoor space together and we all rocked the night away.


Here´s some memories of us dancing on the blue flag playa, at Popeyes, chiringuito (bar / restaurant) just down the road from where we live. Every Friday afternoon was our place to be, dancing to carefree happy music. In fact this experience might even be on some people´s bucket list!






Sadly all discos on the beach had to stop in late 2017, it wasn`t a place exclusive to northern Europeans, Spanish people came too.

But boring old farts who had HOLIDAY apartments nearby complained and moaned about the noise for months on end, eventually the local council gave in. Wouldn´t care but it was only ONE afternoon per week, which begs the question who was there first?

Popeyes could only play background music from then on. Still a great night on Friday, but we miss dancing amidst the sand and sea just three kilometres away. 

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