All at sea without the salt

We´ve lived in our Spanish home for over five years now, aside from a refurbishment (decision) here and there, it´s never caused us any problems. Till now..

A few days ago we heard DRIP DRIP DRIP coming from a cupboard in the kitchen, unusual because cupboards don´t normally store water. Pots, pans, plates, cups, are not designed to float about uncontrollably. This required a game of “follow the leak” a bit like playing “connect the dots” while wearing an eye mask.

Up the stairs it went, then up again to the second set of stairs leading to the solarium. There it was, we found the source behind a very wet patch of wall. Dave turned the water off upstairs, but it made no difference whatsoever.

An emergency plumber came the next day, he had to bash through roughly a quarter of the wall to locate and repair the leak with a new pipe and fitting. Great, so it was now just a case of repairing that one wall, end of story? No. The worst of the damage slowly appeared as things dried out.

We noticed several tiles on the bathroom wall were leaning inwards, as for the kitchen, roughly a third of one side has gaping cracks in the wood.

A guy from the insurance company came round to assess the damage a couple of days ago and worse just got worse.

The damaged wall up the stairs will have to be completely ripped out and rebuilt. Another two walls up there that look ok will need re-rendering, and all three repainted.

Bathroom, looks like they might have to repair one wall with new tiles. How that´s going to match that up with the others is a mystery, perhaps we can do alternate black and white, then pretend it´s a stood up chessboard. 

Kitchen, ALL one side has to be completely rebuilt.

Having house insurance is a blessing, but it could take weeks to repair everything. Work starts next week. List of experts required:

Builder, painter, tiler, joiner, (candlestick maker).

Meantime we´re living in a house with a see through wall, dancing tiles, and a split not level kitchen with three doors hanging on for dear life.

2 wall

3 wall

1 wall

5 kitchen

8 kichen

12 kitchen


So, if you want to pop round for tea and biscuits, into the future bookings are available.

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