Not a shower revelation

You know when you`re having a shower or even sat on the toilet, the brain seems to focus on something important or something forgotten about? It can be anything from an item missing from a shopping list to “Oh my god I forgot a birthday card for..” There´s nothing can be done about it at the time, except to file that thought for later. Horrors when something else comes to mind and there´s two things to cope with.

Shower switched off, or toilet flushed, what the hell was it? The memory banks refuse to cooperate and the moment of triumph is gone.

Call me weird, but this also happens when I´m brushing my hair (it´s long) so several brushstrokes can each produce their own reminders along with confusion overload. Grab a tissue and eye pencil, then hope for clarity from scribble, no chance.

So you may ask, why don´t you keep a notepad and pen handy? Simple answer, I´d forget where they were stashed.

Today´s “remember this ha ha” farce was different. While dragging myself out of bed I actually RECALLED what must´ve been an extremely profound “dream conversation” with I don´t know who. It was a quote, not a shopping list:

Not quite up there with Aristotle, but I´m not comparing:

“Where destiny is achieved, there´s always relevance to the past.”

2016-01-12 18.31.14

  I call this photo “serenity” the sun had just gone down, there wasn´t a sound to be heard, and that´s how this view across the Med made me feel.

Freedom achieved..

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