Time lapse phone calls and time lapse sunset.

A time lapse phone call occurred at the crack of dawn, it was Mr Plasterer guy. He´d had a cancellation, so could he come today to sand down the wayward wall?

We got lucky for once, time was on our side for this particular job! “Yes of course” says me (no dam choice). Totally unprepared we both fell out of bed, then realised there´s loads of pictures to take down, including a mirror, no shit gonna get on my stairway decorations, no way! So we bunged them all in the conservatory and shut the security door. Phew.

Not ten minutes later we got another phone call,, it was Zenia Homes, someone wanted to look at the house…. After last time´s complete and utter farce discussing water damage with two Belgians for half an hour, it had to be a NO. Can you imagine the same scenario whilst also negotiating potential buyers around a guy playing with a sander?

“Well it´s quite normal round here to exit a house for sale with pretend snow in your hair and engrained in your clothing. We don´t get real snow, so it´s a novel introduction to something that never happens ok?”

Did I say “we got lucky for once” oh please, we´re cursed.

Well at least we´re surrounded by beauty, here´s a time lapse sunset I took last night.




2016-09-17 20.19.42 

Well that`s enough waffle for today, we´re going down to La Zenia Boulevard, designer shopping, then a fancy meal. Just kidding, it´s all about buying a new curtain rail, some lightbulbs, then coming home for tea. Yawn.

The MASSIVE DIY place that we always get lost in is not user friendly, they even have an app you can download which tells you where things are, how to get there, where you are, who you are, and how to find the way out.

It´s also an excruciating experience having to walk past a million designer shops to get there, keep eyes looking straight ahead rather than ogling sideways. It´s impossible. My favourite is “Lefties” and by default I do a banana curve left when it comes into sight. Dave gently guides me away  “NO, not today.” Bummer.

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