A Spanish UFO

A sideways glance and there it was, a UFO hovering in the distance trying to find somewhere to land. At this point you may be tempted to ask if I´m crazy? Well in this particular instance, it´s a definitive NO, because other people saw it and thought the same. Phew, no straight jacket required.



     If you think that´s alarming, check out one of our floor tiles.

IMG_20200227_204117_505 (2)

From left to right you can clearly see, the lower section has a matchstick dog to the left of a chipmunk in the middle, and a snake on the right. The mid section contains a wild boar, nose to nose with a hedgehog´s head. Top left there´s half a Jesus face, and what looks like a penis in the right hand corner.

This may also be alarming, yet I feel safe to share it simply because I see animals (and Jesus) as opposed to demons and witches.

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