The Corona virus lockdown in Spain experience

Friday the 13th is a date of potential crisis for some people. I used to think nothing of it, but now I´m a true believer. There´s no more appropriate day in the calendar for a nationwide state of emergency to be declared..

My facts, figures and observations here apply to Spain only. 

The pandemic Corona virus known as Covid19, is why we´re in isolation. Thousands of people have got it, many have died, there´s a chance that we might get infected, and there´s no cure. So yes I think the government have done the right thing considering the numbers.

As I write this:

  • Spain has the fifth highest number of cases per country in the world, that´s roughly 350 less than South Korea.
  • Infected 7,798
  • Deaths 292

It was about 3pm on Friday the prime minister announced a national emergency across the whole of Spain. Madrid and Barcelona have been on lock down for a few weeks now, but we had no idea what the experience is like. Midnight was the cut off point from normal life.

Within two hours of the announcement we went to stock up on shopping, (panic buying) but of course so was everyone else. Mercadona first, the car park was full, and cars were parked down two roads either side. When we got inside rows of shelves were empty, I took some photos of empty aisles, others were even taking videos!









No fruit, veg, canned food, milk, bread, soft drinks, loo rolls, kitchen rolls, baby stuff, any kind of skin wipes. Freezers were half full or empty. I´ve never seen anything like it with my own two eyes. We even ended up buying two packs of large serviettes as loo rolls! 

Then we went to Aldi to see if we could do any better, I was like “Ooo look, they´ve got cranberry juice, yey” a Spanish guy behind us smiled and said “You got lucky to find something you want!”

These new restrictions officially started at midnight (Friday). We´ve been told to stay indoors except for buying food, going to the pharmacy, and using petrol stations on limited hours. The things we all take for granted are now essentials. Even the beaches are off limits. This situation at the moment is for 15 days, but will be continued for much longer if necessary. Banks have advised about not using cash, pay by card for necessities, don´t use cash machines and of course (the banks) are all shut anyway. Even doctors surgeries are SHUT. If a doctor is required for ANYTHING we have an area number to ring and they come to your house! It could take up to 12 weeks for the virus to peak. So we´d best get used to this non way of life.

We live in the Valencia region and can´t go further than that. Restriction of movement is alien to us all, but hey no choice, so put up and shut up eh?

Alicante is struggling with only a handful of flights running. There´s people stuck here because of it, a couple down our road have a flight booked to the UK tomorrow and been told (officially) not to bother going to the airport. We saw on the news planes on their way here from the UK turned back while over France yesterday. It´s official, airlines must enjoy flying their planes round in circles.

Breaking news: We´ve been told today ALL airports will be shut from tomorrow, (not verified yet).

Automatic notifications of updates from the World Health Organisation get sent to all devices, (laptops, phones etc). What would we do without WiFi for communication?! Oh, and Netflix,, binge watching at any time of day is now the new norm. Jeez that company must be the only one left making a fortune off this worldwide.  

Despite the moaning, we all appreciate the government response, on the upside we trust the government decisions made here. Clear and concise.

Thankfully, everyone seems to have a “We´re all in this together” way of coping, all nationalities in this cosmopolitan area do. One problem, we´re not supposed to go near each other, shopping amidst half empty shelves is a social highlight..

So I bid ye goodnight from our prison cell casa on the Costa Blanca,, Netflix is waiting.. 

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