Day three of Corona virus lockdown in Spain

In hindsight, the first two days felt like a weird kind of surreal novelty. But now the reality of house arrest is setting in, 15 days won´t be long enough. The World Health Organisation have informed us this could last another 10 to 15 weeks. The number of cases are still rising fast, the figures I posted yesterday less than 24 hours ago have increased to:

  • 9,191 confirmed cases
  • 309 deaths
  • We´re now the fourth country with the highest number of cases in the world, surpassed South Korea overnight.

The more we learn, the more we realise what it must be like to live in a country without freedom, it´s not frightening as such, but it is depressing. If we had a definite “end date” at least there´d be light at the end of the tunnel.

There´s even a YouTube video message doing the rounds about how to maintain your mental health while in this situation. I had a giggle to myself when the first thing on the list was “clean all the house”. Well sod that, the first thing on the list should be “find some motivation”.

What we´ve learned since yesterday:

Most airports are closed, some are partially open, but only in a hopeless attempt to get stranded people back to their home countries and vice versa, virtually impossible when airlines have grounded planes.

The army is out closing off roads to and from some areas, I gather it frees up more police officers.

Only one person is allowed in a car, the driver, no passengers.

Alone or not, no-one is allowed to go out walking anywhere on foot, the authorities have even got drones monitoring.

Police are limiting the number of people allowed in a supermarket at the same time, where half empty shelves prevail.

Hotels are all shut. However some are being used for people literally stranded here, obviously they can´t leave their rooms though.

The police are everywhere and fines can be imposed if lockdown rules are broken.

Even so, the human spirit of kindness prevails. Restaurants donated what food they had left, and now serve as collection points for folks to drop off food parcels outside on their way home. I gather the police then deliver them to the needy. This is heartfelt considering food has been stockpiled in peoples houses rather than on the shelves.

(Unfortunately bars didn´t donate their booze before they closed, would´ve been nice but never mind…!)

Also, if any emergency services are seen, people stand in their lockdown territory and applaud them by clapping and cheering, showing appreciation for their efforts. At 10pm last night the whole country did a round of applause at the same time. Same in Italy. We´re confined in relative safety, but they go out and put their lives on the line for us every day.

Anyway, confined or not, there´s no rules about not taking photos like this from your casa..

A palm tree cloud??


Finally, importance within the household: Our son lives with us now, has done for almost a year. He´s an Estate Agent, but along with every other business it´s closed. Consequently, he owns Netflix during the day and we do at night, which means we´re bored stupid during the day and he is at night. Not an ideal arrangement but needs must. It even gets a bit awkward as to who has the sound bar on the loudest at any particular time. Thankfully Dave and I are binge watching the same series so it doesn’t have to be divided into 24 hour thirds.  

Think about it, three people per household in this crap situation can create HUGE problems. The TV upstairs is a boring one, so YouTube on a laptop comes in second place when it´s not your next Netflix shift.

If you told me this time last year life could ever be like this in Spain, I´d have laughed my ass off.

2 thoughts on “Day three of Corona virus lockdown in Spain

  1. Wow–I’m especially shocked by the fact that people cannot go out walking there. That would drive me bonkers, and also make it impossible for me to get my mail, since my mailbox is about a block away.
    Here in Ohio, USA, we folks age 65 and over are asked to self-quarantine at home, but so far that has not been made mandatory. All bars and restaurants are closed in this state, as well as the primary and secondary schools, which are going to try to continue educating online. Most universities have banned in-person instruction and are instead teaching online.
    Still, we have a lot more freedom than you do in Spain, although that might not prove to be a good thing ultimately…
    Good luck to you–stay safe and healthy!

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  2. Hi Timi,
    Yep, bonkers is the word for how it feels.
    When we were at the same stage as you are, I mean even when schools etc were closed, people hear the word “advisory” as to where to draw the line, many take no notice (guilty). We were still going to bars, meeting up with friends, doing the “mwah mwah” kiss thing, and going out for meals. In hindsight a breeding ground for a virus to spread even though crowds were banned. “It won´t happen to me” sorta thing.
    Beyond our own stupidity, we are reluctantly glad the authorities have “locked us all down” it´s a bit draconian and cases are still rising fast.
    Think I´ve worked out why we´re not allowed to walk anywhere, it´s because people might be sneaking out to go visit friends or family.. Sounds awful doesn´t it? We keep in touch online, and the police take care of anyone living alone who needs help.
    We´re well looked after and feel safe, being bored beyond belief is nothing compared to having, or unknowingly spreading the virus. The emergency services are applauded wherever they are seen.
    The rest of Europe is following Italy and Spain´s route now. But the UK and USA, oh what are they doing? Still just giving “advice.”
    Boris Buffoon Johnson is even telling people to self isolate for just 7 days! What? He´s still lying about it in many ways. I´m worried about my mum and dad who live there, they´re both in their 80´s and even they aren´t following the “advice”, my dad´s going playing table tennis, and they`re both going to church…
    And what Donald Dump has done to you the American people is, well I have no words.
    Stay safe, stay well, and be bored lol.
    H x


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