Covid19 NOT on the shopping list

Today was the day, a first time shopping expedition since isolation, our son volunteered, so who´s going to argue with that…? As he set off, we waved him goodbye, wished him good luck, and told him how much we love him. I mean it was like he`d be driving to the UK or France, oh wait, he can´t, the border´s shut.

We were having a discussion earlier about which is more beneficial when living amidst the bizarre Covid19 free transfer service, “advice” what not to do from the government, versus complete lockdown. From complete experience of both:

  • Governmental “advice” aside from places being closed, people take some notice, or no notice.
  • Governmental lockdown,, no choice, everything non essential closed. Only food shops, chemists and petrol stations open.

At first glance “advice” seems like the best option, but we´ve realised it´s not, because even when schools are shut, public places are shut, and large gatherings are banned. There´s still free movement locally, people mix with family and friends, all shops are open, there is no social distancing.

We were guilty of this, the brain says “as long as I don´t do anything different, don´t mix with people I don´t know, it will all be ok”. We went out as normal, had fun with friends, big hugs and the Mwah Mwah kiss on both cheeks, even if we´d seen that person just yesterday. It is WAS the norm here. (Makes me cringe to think of that now). Meals out in a crowded restaurant, no problem. Oh, and the closest recorded cases are 20 minutes drive along the coast so we´re all ok right? Nope.

As for being on lockdown, well I´ve already said we feel confined and bored, but we´re SAFE from ourselves and others. Only being given official “advice” without lockdown feels dangerous to us now.

And you know what, I´d rather be bored than play footsie with a killer disease. Other countries need to step up restrictions.

Current figures in Spain:

  • 13,910 confirmed cases
  • 623 confirmed deaths

Up by almost 5,000 cases in TWO DAYS, and double the number of deaths in TWO DAYS. Which takes us to just 4,000 confirmed cases behind Iran.

This is unbelievable, the whole country has been on lockdown since Saturday, miracles aside the figures are still going up way faster than anyone could have predicted. Latest news, the army is guarding and cleaning all airports. Goodness only knows how Italy is coping, Spain is twice the size of Italy and yet their population is 13 million higher..

With the majority of the world´s population isolated at home, it feels safe even though boredom is an issue. Thank god for WIFI. We can all sit down together with our favourite online device and not speak to each other, you know, like some people do when they used to be able to go out with friends. I always thought that was ignorant, four people sat round a table on their smartphones. What´s the point? But here we are doing the exact same thing at home, at least we´ve got a dam big excuse as to why.

Try talking to your fellow house prisoners about, well, what?

Which series we´re each binge watching at the moment is a good conversation starter (and ender). Unfortunately in our house that usually turns into an argument about who´s series has better actors, storylines, which makes more sense, and star ratings. Even worse, is hearing the dreaded: “Just let me just line up series 6 episode 4, scene 33 and tell me what you think of that then?” It´s always the same old answer from me, “Yeh, yeh, looks good,” while thinking oh god that was crap, I´ll never watch it.

Anything but reality, it´s come to something when arguing is a good thing.

I wonder how many people “working from home” are sat watching TV instead? To be fair there isn´t much happening anywhere so why not. I bet long distance business meetings with colleagues are devoid of large sentences at the moment.

“So at what point do you think we´ll go bankrupt?”

“Wait a minute while I find the remote and press pause.”

      Meanwhile, look what our son managed to get!


It was such an overwhelming experience of joy and happiness when he walked in with toilet rolls.

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