A brief respite from enforced isolation

Day 9 of isolation: TWO separate yet necessary errands in one day. Shopping used to be boring, stressful, nowadays it feels as exhilarating as a day on the beach in hot sun. The off limits Med is visible wherever we go, but who gives a crap about that anymore? 

Survival and available essentials are top priorities on the list of no other priorities at all.

Our first exciting excursion today was a visit to the chemist. Gone are the days of a touchscreen ticket dispenser with a “wait your turn” number, there was only me in there anyway. Tills cordoned off so you have to stand over a metre away, all staff wearing masks and rubber gloves, and they´d put glass screens up same as in a bank. It was like something out of a weird movie, but hey we´re stuck in one so it´s appropriate. As I was passing my bank card over while doing an arabesque ballet move, it occurred to me that some people might tweak their back doing that. Oh the irony, “I slipped a disc in the chemist and had to buy some heat rub and a surgical girdle.”

On a more positive note we were informed yesterday on the local news that beyond Day1 panic buying, delivery and supply to supermarkets will not be affected here. Oh the joy of knowing there´d be more to choose from than pickled beans and lentil soup. BUT this was still a beta test so lets be positive, especially at 6pm.

WOW, compare this to my photos of Friday 13th in the same shop..!



Hand sanitizer applied, plastic gloves on, a guy wiping the trolley down with anti-bac, beyond the sanitised welcome we felt like two kids in a toy shop.

Bingo, they were telling the truth, but where is everybody? I mean come on, shopping is a two metre wide social event not to be missed, it´s not like there´s been a mass evacuation when there´s no way to get out of any locality.

The journey from the chemist to the toy shop looked like this, even the sun must be quarantined, but the rain isn`t, so I took these from inside the car while on the move, not perfect but a true picture of life now.

Empty main roads.




Empty gas station.


Lockdown in paradise. This is the southern Costa Blanca of Spain with full cloud and rain just to add to the crappy situation. Oh and we had a cop car up our ass all the way back.

As inconvenient as it is, at first I thought enforced isolation was a bit much, but now I feel like it´s essential. Here on the coast we´ve escaped the Covid 19 crisis, zero cases in Orihuela. So, at least we feel protected, like strict measures have been put in place sooner rather than later. Distance and boredom are now a good thing, even though we all moan and whinge.

After watching other democratic countries dither about freedom vs human rights, let me tell you:

  • There´s advice which goes ignored by some idiots, therefore defeating the object.
  • There´s mandatory lockdown between borders and provinces which work.

However, IF and only IF full mandatory lockdown procedures are put in place soon enough does protection have a chance. For coastal areas in Spain, they timed total isolation right. But inland it´s too late, small clusters are  now appearing outside of Madrid and Barcelona.

On the bright side, if there is such a thing:

  • One of our cars is beyond it´s ITV and service date. No problem, it can´t be done so it´s not illegal.
  • Paperwork we need to submit to our solicitor re: Tax. No problem, it can´t be done, so it´s not illegal.
  • I need my hair sorted by a hairdresser. No problem, it can´t be done, so it´s not illegal.

Anyway I´m just going to say this to the world. Stay isolated, stay sanitised, and don´t forget which episode you´re up to with the series your´re watching on  Netflix.

And.. donate something, anything to the charity of your choice if you can. 

2 thoughts on “A brief respite from enforced isolation

  1. We have many cases in my state of Ohio here in midwestern USA, including lots of deaths. I went to the grocery store this morning during ‘senior hour’ (I am well above age 60) and found the place packed. Many folks had masks and Nitrile gloves on. I wonder where they found them? But it seemed to make them feel like they are inviolable and a lot of people weren’t observing the social distance rules, which made me, who had no mask or special gloves, feel quite vulnerable. But at least I scored toilet paper and paper towels! Yay for that! 🙂

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    1. Oh that´s concerning, They´re handing out hand sanitizer, plastic gloves, and a staff member sprays anti-bac on trolleys, then wipes them down for us at the entrance of every supermarket here. Don´t comply with that and they won´t let us in. Masks are not mandatory, but some people still use them.
      The rules of shopping are so strict here, yet rightly so now. After Day 1 of panic buying, there´s never many people in our local supermarket at all, I suppose that´s because we live in a quiet area near the coast with good supplies.
      I can even guess in more detail why that is, people who come here to their second homes, aren´t here, yet supply still caters for an increase in population.
      However, some sneaky buggers must´ve worked out timing and deliveries of toilet rolls…….!

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