Corona Brainstorming

Day 16 of quarantine, and going out shopping is now a cause for celebration. I´ve had 5 birthdays so far this month.  It´s a what do I wear situation, my best dress or the second best? Hair up in knots or flowing in the breeze? Slap the make up on. Good to go.

Meanwhile I´ve been cleaning my cleaning products,, come up nice haven´t they? Really shows up the sandy tiles though, I´ll have to get my toothbrush out later.


Here´s a shell tree I made earlier.


It´s a good idea to store bathroom products on the driveway, running downstairs to find them is not only good fun, it´s daily exercise. 

2015-08-16 15.02.35

I paired up these socks, then threw them up in the air, this is a repeat job waiting to be repeated again, when I´ve finished polishing all the Scrabble game tiles.


Now for a guessing game, how many pegs do you reckon  are in this basket? I know the answer.


Oh, and this empty toilet roll has a sick sense of humour.


We´re not allowed to use loose change anymore, everything has to be paid by debit card now. So later on I´m going to  sanitize all the loose change we have lying about. Call it money laundering.

2 thoughts on “Corona Brainstorming

    1. I fully intend to hang each coin outside to dry using those pegs, then count each coin individually, and save them for just in case they can ever be used again. It´s always best to be prepared as my grandma used to say.

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