Covid 19 in Spain · Humour

Corona Brainstorming

Day 16 of quarantine, and going out shopping is now a cause for celebration. I´ve had 5 birthdays so far this month.  It´s a what do I wear situation, my best dress or the second best? Hair up in knots or flowing in the breeze? Slap the make up on. Good to go.

Meanwhile I´ve been cleaning my cleaning products,, come up nice haven´t they? Really shows up the sandy tiles though, I´ll have to get my toothbrush out later.


Here´s a shell tree I made earlier.


It´s a good idea to store bathroom products on the driveway, running downstairs to find them is not only good fun, it´s daily exercise. 

2015-08-16 15.02.35

I paired up these socks, then threw them up in the air, this is a repeat job waiting to be repeated again, when I´ve finished polishing all the Scrabble game tiles.


Now for a guessing game, how many pegs do you reckon  are in this basket? I know the answer.


Oh, and this empty toilet roll has a sick sense of humour.


We´re not allowed to use loose change anymore, everything has to be paid by debit card now. So later on I´m going to  sanitize all the loose change we have lying about. Call it money laundering.

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