April fools day cancelled this year

I feel like April fools day really isn´t appropriate this year, and I´m guessing millions of people out there agree. Pranks don´t matter, to be honest I can´t even think of one.  When I try, all I can think of is the emergency services struggling in a “war zone,” people who have the Covid 19 virus, their families, and the number of deaths. The system is broken, and turmoil is everywhere.

If it´s possible to show a token of respect in a photo, here it is.


There´s a huge difference between humorous satire from within your own personal confinement, it keeps you and others sane. But hiding someone´s (anything) and letting them search for (whatever) all day is just lame.    

So call it “Donate To Charity Day” instead.

My favourite is the Red Cross at https://www.icrc.org/ where there are no borders. Keep giving and stay safe.

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