Self Quarantine within Self Quarantine

Day 20 of quarantine, which feels more like day 200 of whatever month it is. I´ve noticed in our house self quarantine works a bit like 2 step verification.

For example, if one of us is in the kitchen and someone else needs the kitchen, to say, make a cup of coffee. Rather than just dive in there, a polite queue is formed. If all three of us require kitchen services at the same time, a discussion ensues about who´s needs are more important.

Thank god we´ve got two bathrooms, after all, two between three ain´t bad. However, we all use the downstairs one because it saves walking upstairs. So yet again we find ourselves in a queue situation while listening to whoever`s inside doing the HA HA laugh. Meanwhile the other two discuss who´s more desperate, which usually means one of us says sod it and plods up the mountain.  

This is Spain, so we live outside,, in the “before times” we hardly ever watched our 4K, 60 inch, curve screen, Wi-Fi enabled TV, all those boxsets and movies available on demand went ignored, but now it´s an essential staff of life.

As previously mentioned somewhere, our son owns Netflix on the big screen during the day, he´s working from home, but there isn´t much work to do. So he alternates his time schedule between Netflix and his PlayStation while we sit outside in the sun. Big screen Netflix ownership is ours at night, while he resorts to sitting outside still binge watching on his phone. You could even call this daily situation a queue of sorts, except more organised.

If we chat to our friends online, the first question is “what series are you watching?” This is the new norm, accept it or go nuts.

Here I am writing this post in an effort not to (go nuts).


My hubby won´t let me take a photo of him sat outside scrolling through Facebook on his iPad. Our son won´t let me take one of him sat inside watching a Spanish TV series with English subtitles in an effort to learn the language… I don´t know what made me feel the need to take such photos, except to prove the fact that there are no queues with Wi-Fi??  

We live in a very quiet area with no thru roads and surrounded by two valleys, the only thing we ever hear is birds singing, there´s no Covid 19 cases reported anywhere near. So nothing´s changed for us? Simple answer, everything.

No matter where you live in Spain, the whole country is on the same strict lockdown as major cities. Including here, a place devoid of this devastating virus. Only supermarkets, chemists, and gas stations are open. Even all the beaches are off limits and policed by drones! “Thou shalt not step foot on this sand without a penalty being imposed.”

All hotels are shut, and in affected areas many have been turned into field hospitals. Who in their lifetime would ever imagine Spain with no hotels, no bars, no restaurants, no swimming pools, no shopping malls, nowhere to buy clothes, no beaches accessible, cranes that have been busy since 2010 now motionless again, and closed airspace. It would be a very silly joke without any laughter. But here we are.

Oh for the days of being stood here again, with the clear Med sea warm and inviting.

  2017-01-16 15.53.10

We haven´t been out since a day trip to the chemist last week, and a cop car tailed us all the way home. Our son insists he does the shopping now rather than us. It´s the thought that counts, he reckons because he´s younger, well you know the rest.

During the “before times” we took so much for granted. I find myself nostalgic for a couple of months ago, you know, when we had FREEDOM. Can´t dwell on that, insanity might set in.

The only bonus of enforced lockdown is feeling safe, a vital visit to the supermarket is a daunting prospect even here. I can´t imagine what that experience must be like where the virus is rife,, anywhere in the world.     

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