Lockdown trials

We all know how difficult life is while tethered to your house and garden for god knows how long. Stressful times, but the last thing any of us needs right now is a new collection of trials cropping up. First of all, here´s a collection we can carry over, so since day one sod these for now:

  • We´ve already got a kitchen that can´t be repaired due to a water leak which happened in the “before times” but tradesmen aren´t allowed to go in anyone else´s home now. So basically it´s falling to bits, but never mind it can wait.
  • There´s paperwork we need to do at the solicitors, including yearly tax which I gather has been put back by the authorities because no-one can. So never mind it can wait.
  • One of our car´s tax has run out, it also needs a service, but all garages are closed except for maintenance of essential lorries and wagons. Fortunately it´s still legal to drive provided tax ran out after the shutdown date.  Which ours did.  Also, the town halls are shut for certificates. So never mind it can wait.

Not to worry, none of the above are important, well, they used to be important in the olden days but not now. I mean check out the kitchen we´re mildly happy with.

But in this universal pickle we´re all in, unexpected pickles that crop up in real-time can result in hysteria. So far today:

  • My hubby´s car won´t start,, ok, it´s been sat on the drive while we´ve mostly used our son´s car for shopping. But it was last used 10 days ago, had a new battery less than two months ago, and it won´t start up… Nothing, nada, we haven´t got any jump leads, some friends of ours have but we´re not allowed to go their house, and all garages are shut to cars. Bear in mind we´re talking about a Mercedes Benz here. I honestly think we bought the reject, and parts cost about a trillion euros just for a windscreen wiper.

For example, here´s what happened about three months ago while on a sleepy Spanish motorway.



Ok so low profile tyres haven´t got much in common with Merc mission control, but it´s the curse. Even so, I´d advise not buying any car with low profile tyres, might look good eh? But this has happened before, and you can´t just buy one tyre. It always means two because they have to be a perfect match (after a perfect fail). It´s not even like there´s a lot of potholes here.

I stepped out of real-time for the moment there, so lets get back into it.

  • After establishing our car is useless, my husband went shopping in our son´s car, and discovered at the checkout his bank card is also in shutdown mode. But all the banks are in shutdown mode too so..

Two major disasters in one shutdown day is way too much for the shutdown human brain to cope with, that explains why I´m sat here with a bottle of wine and a pint glass.

Quoting myself from earlier today while looking up to the heavens and waving a fist in the air..

Well come on then what the f*ck next?? I can take it, (liar, I can´t). So bring it on you.. (insert own expletive here).

2 thoughts on “Lockdown trials

  1. Hello All, love reading your posts they do bring a smile to my face. I’m stuck in the Uk was due to go back to Spain on 27th March but that didn’t happen so here till the airports open it’s not too bad but of course don’t have the glorious sunshine so really missing it. I just hope this comes to an end sooner rather than later. I’m in lockdown here although it is a joke in the uk people still going about as normal. Idiots. Just hoping my family and friends stay safe. Take care and hopefully see you in Spain at some point this year.

    Jean 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jean,
      Thanks for the compliment about my loony tunes musings!

      Oh I feel so sorry for you being stuck there, with no “end date” to get home. Can´t imagine how that must feel, especially when you´re abiding by the rules while idiots wander out without good reason.

      Enforced lockdown here, crappy as it is, makes us feel safe, and that´s what´s important now..
      Governments who give “advice” only, like the UK, it isn´t enough, so stay safe.

      I know of someone in the UK who´s a “Covidiot” and I´ve told them they´re putting themselves and others at risk, but nope ignorance is bliss to them.

      Anyway on a lighter note, be lovely to meet up sometime, take care,

      H x


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