Lockdown trials the sequel

The sequel to any movie is invariably naff compared to the original. There are a few exceptions, but I can´t think of one. So imagine my surprise when our own disaster movie from a couple of days ago turned out to be a box office success today.

We contacted the insurance company about the stationary car problem and BINGO, someone answered the phone! All offices of everything are closed, so they must have a secret underground bunker somewhere with lights, canned food, toilets, and untraceable Wi-Fi.

Or, maybe they´re classed as emergency services? After all, supermarket enabled cars require the ability to cruise along to one without freedom like the rest of us. No need to fill up the tank anymore, just keep the wheels turning towards the local food outlet. Empty roads, no problem.

Day whatever it is, month whatever it is right now, our car travelled about five kilometres tops before IT decided to shutdown, and refused to go anywhere.

So the insurance conversation to and from their secret bunker went something like this:

  • My car won´t start, I think the battery´s dead, can you send someone out with one of those powerful jobby´s for a Merc?
  • Yes of course, someone will ring you back in five minutes,, no-one rang back at all.
  • Twenty minutes later a tow truck appears,, ffs it´s not that bad.
  • Fortunately the guy had his own personal battery kick up the ass technology with him.
  • It worked, so thank you, goodbye, take your empty tow truck with you.

Hence we´ve been on a day trip out today, to the chemist (where you can see the off limits Med close up) and shopping at our local store (where you can also see the off limits Med further away) including mountains in the distance, which are also off limits. In the “before times” the views around us were just normal, but now they´re awesome.

Here´s both, Mountains meet the Med, just a kilometre from our house.


Oh and there´s good news about the bank card rejection yesterday, it´s because amidst the mayhem, my hubby had the wrong one with him. That´s what happens when you´ve been ordering stuff from Amazon, on the same day, from different devices scattered round the house.

Tip of the day: Always keep your plastic 2 metres away from anyone else.

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