Covid 19 in Spain


RANT MODE: Something we never thought would happen. Thousands of people from Madrid are trying to flee their homes and travel down here, to their second homes on the Costas.

Click here to see what the police are having to cope with.

How did an 88 year old get down here on a train? (Sounds like a joke question) He must´ve stashed himself amidst freight, they ain´t doing day trips out anymore. Now he´s in hospital with Covid 19, he brought it with him. All it takes is one person, now all of Murcia is on double lockdown. Just 20 minutes drive from us. No-one in, no-one out.

Makes me wonder if this kind of stupid ignorant behaviour contributed to how Covid 19 travelled from north to south in Italy.. All the rules and regulations we´ve put up with and abided by would count for nothing if that happened here. Non essential travel is part of the Spanish lockdown. In my opinion, it amounts to breaking the LAW when it goes ignored.

One woman boasted on Facebook she managed to get down here. She´d even put “He He” on her post. What a COVIDIOT, she´s just announced it to all her ex friends who live here. Oh, and there´s even more bad news for her, us natives have been advised to report “second home” neighbours who suddenly arrive to the POLICE. 

She could end up in enforced isolation with a hefty fine. So He He He He He.

The cops don´t mess about here, but god knows how many sneaked out of Madrid before preventative action. There´s roadblocks on the N332 and the AP-7 along the coast, (they´re just the one´s I know of).

“But we have a second home here officer”

“Not now you don´t”   

I might sound biased because we live here, well to a certain extent I am. We´ve all made an effort to comply with lack of freedom for the sake of safety. The furthest we´ve been since day one is a kilometre to the local sterilised supermarket with mandatory self sterilisation and shopping trolley sterilisation at the door. So why should those who don´t live here be allowed 500 kilometres of non essential travel?

It´s safer here? You´re bringing it with you.


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