WWW. Search history in quarantine.com

While wandering through the hallowed halls of my Google search history, trying and failing to find a link for three hours. I discovered that if you go back through the archives far enough, some forgotten search terms jump start memories. Like what you were doing at the time, and how helpful on a scale of 1 to 10 the answer was. Ah those were the days, when important things were relative to something useful.    

In the before times I woudn´t WASTE time farting about in the archives that long. But needs be, so tidying up the house can wait. (Again)

In quarantine times, scrolling through search history is a truly emotional journey, I found myself awash within the weird, the wonderful, and the just plain stupid. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, except 90% of it was totally irrelevant, but that precious 10% .  Oh joy, yes indeed, a boring afternoon was filled with quality time. One of my own personal favourites was, “Is there a place called fox”

Blimey, I´ve just Googled it and there´s one in Montana USA! Wow, must´ve been a typo I ignored. 

I highly recommend trying this, it´s like a day trip out from binge watching, call it “link liking”. Note: Sitting in the garden helps with the day trip out effect.

So what was my most recent search? “Best cocktails for Easter eggs”

The idea being to cut one in half and use it as an edible glass. It was a video on YouTube that inspired me, a guy bought a chocolate Easter rabbit, pulled it´s ears off, and poured gin into it. As I walked into the supermarket my idea was to fill up the trolley with Easter eggs, if anyone told me they weren´t toilet rolls I would inform them I had a lot of kids.

Unfortunately other people must´ve had the same idea, the closest I could find was these, one of them´s been cut in half already. I´m fully aware that a pair of scissors or a carving knife would cause them to explode. But there is some room for adaptation here. Use a glass for the cocktail, bung one or two of these in with it, don´t eat the glass. Sorted.  


See there´s an answer for everything..

Oh, and if my dear reader has the inclination to do the “link liking” thing, post your favourite choice in the comments section below. In these troubled times links can help bring us all together while keeping a distance of two metres apart.

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