Is it too early to lift some lockdown measures?

It feels like Spain is an experiment right now. I respect Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his government, but perhaps his choice over the weekend to open up (some industrial businesses) is too soon? Official health experts are sceptical.

The number of deaths fell slowly for three straight days, but was a few days really proof of flattening the curve when 510 Covid 19 deaths on Saturday increased to 619 deaths on Sunday? Then the day after that on Monday 13th,(some) people had to go back to work.

For the vast majority of us, including those who work from home we´re still on full lockdown, thankfully nothing else has, or will change. I say thankfully, for one reason only, we feel safe, but I wish someone would make the days shorter, like who decided on 24 hours? 

What completely baffles me are the following allowed to be opened up, but I have a theory.

  • Shops selling hygiene products. (Readily available at supermarkets).
  • Stationary. (Readily available at supermarkets).
  • Pet food shops. (Pet food readily available at supermarkets).
  • Dry cleaners. (Not essential).
  • Hairdressers going to peoples homes. (Not essential). Although to be honest my hair desperately needs doing, but I´m not alone, we´re all looking a bit rough round the edges, and hair grows quick in the sun. Even so, allowing a stranger into our home yet? No way!

Perhaps it´s an effort to get a few small businesses open again, but the obvious problem here is that 3 out of 5 small businesses mentioned above, stock the same items readily available in a supermarket while on lockdown. The other two don´t make sense as being necessary in a crisis. Perhaps they´re testing out least important first, then if we all have to go on total shutdown again, it won´t be as obvious.

It´s official, Spain has written off 2020 as a place to be, the borders are shut for an indefinite period of time as yet. Not to worry though, you probably wouldn´t get out of your own country anyway,, call it quits. 

So for us personally, as listed above, we´ve got four new obscure places for a pretend day trip out dressed in ballgowns and tuxedos, plus the option of opening up the house to hair follicle infection. 99% of people won´t be interested in any of those.

HOWEVER  99% of people with or without a dog WILL Google the furthest pet food shop, and experience a wonderful special occasion without leaving their car. Just park up outside, eat your picnic, and ponder on life. No wait, don´t do the ponder thing, oh and we haven´t got a dog but who cares. I´ve just realised we could even meet up with friends, remain two cars apart and throw food at each other.

We can all mock about relative triviality, yet (I think) everyone who lives here reluctantly agrees that bars, restaurants, hotels, holidays apartments, and more MUST remain shut. Authorities put those limitations in place over a month ago, with no intention of changing them. Thankfully they don´t need to lockdown the sun, even though sea and sand isn´t an option.       

I wrote this article for an online collection of what lockdown is like in Spain a couple of weeks ago. It was all about how it affected you, your local area, the country as a whole, and more. People from around the world have also submitted their own experience of lockdown.

If anyone told me a year ago that Spain would be shutdown like this in 2020, I would´ve secretly thought what a nutcase, hey great joke, you must be an idiot..

No more plain trails like this reflecting in the sunset.


Nor like this in daylight.


Nor the Spanish Red Arrows practicing out over the sea.


No fun, just sun.

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