Does long term boredom lead to inspiration?

Welcome to day 917 of confined boredom in whatever month it is of whatever year we´re in.

I´ve been asking myself if inspiration still exists, there´s plenty of time to debate this issue with yourself, but acting on it is a whole other thing.

Oh, and it was announced yesterday that full lockdown in Spain will continue till “May 9th at least” just to complicate things further they never said which year.

Putting the washer on has been a reluctant, exhausting task, without any feeling of achievement or accomplishment at all. A couple of days ago it changed to just plain necessity, two weeks worth of manky clothing filled the laundry basket, plus another pile on top the same height. It resulted in four different wash loads, because of the don´t mix and match rule. In hindsight separating everything out posed a challenge, the likes of which I can´t remember.   

Gone are the days of bunging a washload in and tootling off out somewhere.

Yesterday I sat down and sorted my smartphone settings, it´s knickers have been in a twist for a while now, (a bit like the laundry situation). It worked ok in the before times, but in the now times minor tweaks were required for perfection.  Every day it looked at me begging for help, yet Heather the ex computer administrator here couldn´t be assed administrating the dam thing till necessity set in.

I´ve heard it said that some people are resorting to wearing their Sunday best just to take rubbish to the bin. Tomorrow I´ve got to go shopping, so I had a shower and shaved my legs today, and can focus on what to wear overnight.

There´s no doubt about it, my abs have suffered greatly since shutdown, there only seems to be one left. However I saw a fitness video on YouTube this morning and rediscovered what inspiration is. These two have sat abandoned since quarantine imprisonment time began, so today was the day to say Ola again.     



Fitness routine, then step machine, then exercise bike, I´m going to do this every day. Is this determination too?

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