Our confined essential rebel on wheels

If there´s anyone else out there with a car that´s gone on strike during these torrid times. Hello and welcome. Of all the problems that can´t be dealt with right now, a mode of transport pretending to be a plant pot sat on the drive is the ultimate insult to apathy.

Our Mercedes Benz automatic convertible, (Sport version) lights up beautifully, but won´t start up at all. (No, it isn´t a posh fake car I made up for snob value). So, exceptional timing for a flat battery eh? Where can you get a new one in the now times? I swear it did this deliberately in an effort to add some excitement to the household, if a Merc can join in a shutdown, be aware your own method of transport can also invite itself to the virtual party. Call it treason.

However, it´s good to have (human) contacts willing to go above and beyond. A friend of ours just so happens to own a garage…  He came out today, all dressed up in a mask with matching overalls, jump started it, left his car here, and took it for a full service.

New heavy duty battery installed, new brake pads, (oops) and headlights cleaned. Now you might be wondering WHY headlights need cleaning at a garage? Well living near the coast means particles of sand get inside them while on the move, and a car can fail it´s ITV based on that alone here. It takes about a year for gunge to build up, so it´s not like a weekly thing that you have to queue up for.

Whilst on the subject of an ITV, both our cars are due for one, but all the places that do them are closed. No worries, in these days of exceptional circumstances it doesn´t matter anymore. Your own personal transport machine is still legal, even though it wouldn´t be in the before times.

Our rebel Merc, with rebel me and rebel Dave. Ah those were the days, when we could get close to the Med without being arrested.


2016-06-07 16.49.33

Fortunately during our transport crisis we had our son´s car to rely on for shopping, with the added bonus of him actually having to do the shopping. (Only the driver allowed in a car). No more Sunday afternoon day trips out with aunty Betty and uncle Fred, oh wait there´s no day trips out with anyone, and what´s a Sunday? “Sun days” are all that´s left, that big warm yellow thing in the sky is a bonus, even when everything else is closed for business.

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