Two men and a mug

Guess who the mug is? Stuck within the confines of our house and the gate posts, with husband and son for five weeks has turned my pristine minimalistic home into a dump, both inside and out.

This is our dining room table with six chairs.


This is part of the kitchen.


This is the well organised laundry area outside.


At first I really tried to keep everywhere looking neat and tidy, incentive came from the old saying “a place for everything, and everything in it´s place” but the next morning everything magically returned to the wrong place. Yet  there´s empty spaces where this stuff belongs.

So about two weeks in I gave up, lost the plot and now I´m guilty of doing exactly the same. Gone are the days of a wonky cushion on the sofa being straightened. Gone are the days of making the bed. Gone are the days of cleaning the floor tiles, just let the shit build up in a corner, collect together with finger and thumb, bung it in the bin. Sorted.

Oh the irony, at a time when we´re all supposed to be ultra clean, and smothering ourselves in disinfectant after a shower rather than body lotion, I have to put up with this. Note, we all follow the wash hands rule, and I spray round with anti bac regularly, well, wherever I can get at.

There´s no comparison, but it brings back humorous memories of someone we knew in the UK. In order to get through their front door several (stacked up) boxes had to be shuffled out of the way. It made you want to help out, but because the door wouldn´t open, it meant standing and waiting for five minutes while hoping said person didn´t break their back. Inside was no different. Shame really, it would´ve been a nice house if it didn´t look like a distribution centre from the 19th century with a disgusting kitchen.  Get a few people in there together, and an announcement had to be made if someone wanted to stand up. A bizarre situation that never changed.

We used to wonder how someone could live like that, even the dining room table was piled high with stuff, oh wait..

To be fair, at least ours is piled up with recent crap that gets used, it´s not dusty, and get´s rearranged depending on requirements each day. Kitchen utensils are clean and there´s plenty of sanitised work surfaces to prepare a meal. No clutter boxes required, But boys will be boys, and both of them have forgotten what cupboards and drawers are for.    

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