Confused easing of lockdown measures in Spain

Well I don´t know, it´s all a bit vague except for one thing, we remain on lockdown. The Brit media announced the Spanish government had extended the lockdown till May 9th BEFORE it had been made official. So in an effort to confuse the UK they made it May 10th or 11th, I forget which and don´t care anymore.

I looked in the mirror this morning and thought oh good, there´s another woman in the house, maybe she can help me bring some law and order to this place. We have a lot in common, she´s got a hole in her T-shirt too.

In this blog post a few days ago I wrote about how they´d opened up (some) manufacturing here, which fair enough is top priority. Also, three shops that no-one will ever go to because supermarkets have the edge. Plus dry cleaners and mobile hairdressers, end. I can´t be assed writing it all again from a different perspective because there isn´t one.

In basic terms, allow someone you don´t know inside your Covid 19 free house, get your roots done, then go blow dry your gleaming locks at the dry cleaners. Mine used to look like this, ah those were the days.


So, aside from the before times and decent haircuts without paranoia of infection. Here´s some shutdown facts and figures as of today:

  • Total amount of fines for breaching restrictions so far: 70,000 euros.
  • Total number of arrests for breaching restrictions: 6,300.
  • Automatic fine of 1,500 euros issued to those caught on roads travelling to second homes.

The cops don´t mess about here, so playing silly buggers doesn´t work out well at all. For those of us who live on the Costa Blanca, we feel protected.

Every country will need it´s own version of easing lockdown, risks versus ergonomics, logistics, and areas of major contagion.

But how does that work?

2 thoughts on “Confused easing of lockdown measures in Spain

  1. Dear Heather, Here’s my two cents worth. Whatever “date” the powers that be set for “easing” the lockdown…stay in your corona virus free home for the next two or three weeks and watch what happens. I guarantee you, you will probably see another outbreak. I say “probably” because, hey, maybe it will “disappear” but I doubt it. Why take the chance?

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    1. Hi Paul,
      I totally agree, we´re sticking to the rules of lockdown, and will do so for however long it takes. Thankfully the problem hasn`t turned political here.
      Ok, boredom sets in, but it´s nothing compared to corona cases and deaths.
      Also, and this may come as a surprise, in our country of sun, sea, sand and freedom we have no issues about all that being taken away. Never in my life thought I´d say I was happy about that, but I am, and we are right now..
      I think personal humour and satire helps us all to get through this.

      Thanks for your comment Paul, and stay safe.

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