Cabin fever?

Today was my first experience of cabin fever, this morning I had an argument with my laptop about what day it is. Then I had to say my name twice, as I do every day to remind myself who I am.

My own version is all a bit vague, there´s no climbing walls involved so what was the tipping point? Having to put things off seems to be a large part of it.

When lockdown began it was a case of well, the whole world is quarantined, we´re all stuck inside the boundaries of house and garden, and we´re all bored witless at the same time. Call it novelty value. At least I´m not locked up on my own, the three of us all get on well together so no problem, we each do our own nothingness not together while using different devices for entertainment value.

This is what it´s come to now,, every conversation consists of which series each other has been live streaming on TV, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. It sometimes gets a bit awkward when one of us tries to promote a favourite binge watch to the others in detail. “See, just watch this bit, good eh?” The answer is to wear a cheesy grin and politely lie about how fantastic it isn´t. Guess I´m 50% lucky in that hubby and myself are binging the same series, it helps make the days shorter, and means we can hold coronavirus free hands together without debate.

I´m sure that every woman stuck in quarantine with two blokes must feel like me. For a long time I´ve tolerated the untidiness, tripping over trainers, moving clothes to sit down, two bathrooms with floor tiles covered in hand sanitiser, and a bedroom with a set of ladders that belong in the shed. It´s doesn´t appear to be a problem for them, but it is for ME. This place deserves some respect.

So yesterday was the day, surprisingly it only took one explosion of emotion and they both complied. Things got put away where they belong, and I had space to clean. Finding inspiration to do so was extremely difficult, but a broken back was worth the awesome sense of achievement. To be fair they did help out a bit, but I mean a bit. However, there was one unexpected bonus, our son transformed his bedroom into a pristine palace all on his own. Amazing but, the next few days will be crucial, is he going to keep it that way? The answer to that question is no, I´m his mother and I know.

Today was totally different, broken back or not we had important stuff to do online, most of which our solicitor does for us, but an email from what seems like eons ago told us they´re closed, and staff are “supposed” to be working from home. Fair enough, they had to close because of the Covid 19 situation, besides it´s not possible for them to cater for closed businesses, or co-ordinate with closed local councils, or closed banks, or closed services. But that´s not the point, just answering an enquiry or two from a couple of plebs while “working from home” isn´t asking too much is it? Oh come on, there´s a pause button and rewind.

Wading through our massive stack of “organised” files and folders for paperwork is always a nightmare, nothing´s where it´s supposed to be, ever. Oh, and it´s the only time we argue big style.

The main focus being “well you put that away last so go find it.”

Half an hour later, “it must´ve been you, because I wouldn´t put it with….”

Immediate defence, “neither would I.”

Four or five hours later, we both apologise, but still haven´t achieved much. We´re in this together, ring any bells? Who would´ve thought it, my own journey to cabin fever was frustration caused by a stack of coloured folders.


I´m ok now, chucking out a load of old redundant stuff was therapeutic. Tomorrow I´m going to do some gardening.    

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